Download PUBG Mobile Lite on Android

PUBG MOBILE LITE is a new big thing for all the Android users out there. Current PUBG required a high tier device to get a wonderful experience in it but unfortunately, not everyone can play it. So, if you have a low-tier Smartphone and still want to witness this game, then good news. Now you can Download PUBG MOBILE LITE on Android devices.

There are a lot of differences between PUBG MOBILE and its lighter version but they still didn’t compromise on the quality of the game. Originally, PUBG required Android Jellybean 4.3 or higher with 35MB storage but that was so bad for low-end devices. If you ran PUBG Mobile on low-end, it will start crashing or showing you lots of bugs and it will make you hate this game a lot.

Download PUBG MOBILE LITE for Android

But now they have also released PUBG MOBILE LITE, you can easily play it on low-end and still enjoy it at its fullest.

In PUBG MOBILE LITE on Android, you can play not with 100 but 40 people at once. The size of the map is also changed to 2×2 KM. This will help all the low-end devices to run this game without compromising on graphics.

Unfortunately, this game is not available for every region but you can still download and play it by downloading PUBG MOBILE LITE APK on your Android device.

If you are interested in downloading PUBG MOBILE LITE, then follow the instructions given below.

Download PUBG MOBILE LITE via Play Store

Step 1: This game is currently available for Philippines users. So, if you are from there, you can enjoy this amazing game. Just open the link given below and it will lead you to Play Store.


Step 2: If it shows you on Play Store, just click on Install and wait for the installation and once done, just play it. If you are from another country, you can try using VPN and change your location on Play Store. It might help you.

Download PUBG MOBILE LITE APK [Manual Method]

Step 1: If it’s not available on Play Store, you can download PUBG MOBILE LITE APK and install it manually on your Smartphones. A reddit user provided the APK and it’s OBB files. Click here to go to that page.

Step 2: Download PUBG MOBILE LITE APK and its OBB file from the link above. Once done, Install the APK and copy the OBB files to Android OBB folder from any file manager. You are almost good to go.

Step 3: Now just use any VPN and change your location to the Philippines in order to run this game on your Smartphones. Or just wait for it to appear on your region as well.

That’s all

This is all you need to know in order to download PUBG MOBILE LITE on any Android device. You can either download it via Play Store or download PUBG LITE APK. We won’t encourage you to download manually but it’s up to you to decide.

If you have any question regarding this game, feel free to ask us in the comment box below.


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