Batch Resize Images on Mac with Automator

Apple has released its new operating system called macOS Mojave on the WWDC 2018, on June 4, 2018. There are many new features which were introduced in the new OS like Dark Mode and Dynamic Desktop. But still, there are some features and Tools that are present in the Mac OS which most of the people don’t know even using for a long time. Automator is one of them. It’s a simple tool which allows you to complete the different task with a single click. You can assign a different command to Automator to perform for you. For example, you can resize all images in a folder to the same size with a single click using Automator.

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First step: Set New Service in Automator  

Open Automator and Set Up a New Service

To start this first you need to open the search bar. You can open that by clicking ⌘ Command+ Space Bar at the same time.

Now type Automator in the search bar.Batch Resize Images on Mac with Automator

Once you open the Automator click on the service to create a new service task.Batch Resize Images on Mac with Automator

Services are like a small program that you can create to get something quick. These programs can help you to perform your task quickly and smoothly. You can access these tasks by right-clicking on the file or from the apps menu.

Now click on the service and you need to put an input. Our input will be image File. You can get that by opening service receive selected and click on the image file. You can see in the image below.Batch Resize Images on Mac with Automator

Set Scale Images

Now you have opened the service file you can give instruction about what you want. Next, you need to type “Scale Images” in the search bar at the top left pane. Click on the scale images icon to take them to the main action panel. Once you complete the task Automator will ask you to add a block to copy files before resizing to prevent your original images to get affected.

This will create a new copy of the image with a new size and original image will be the same as it is. And if you want to resize the image and replace the original you can leave this copy block out.Batch Resize Images on Mac with Automator

Now you can see two actions in the service. To make it work click options on the scale images service and select the option “Show this action when the workflow runs”.Batch Resize Images on Mac with Automator

You can see that a new dialog open asking you to give the image size you want to select. If you want to stick to a single size, you can leave this unchecked and type the size you want for your images.Batch Resize Images on Mac with Automator

When you complete all the steps save the service by going to file at the top of your Automator panel and click on save. You need to Name this service, we are giving “resize”.

Step Two: How to use this service

Now, how you can use this service to resize your images. You simply need to Right Click on the image and go to Resize option at the bottom.Batch Resize Images on Mac with Automator

Once you click on it you can see a new image with a different size right next to the original image. You need to remember that the scale based on the aspect ratio. So, if your image is in landscape it will resize the width. And if it’s in portrait it will resize the height.

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