How to Change Save Location of Camera App in Windows 10

Windows 10 has many new features and most of the old application get new interference design. For example, if you have used any windows phone you can see that the new camera interface in Windows 10 on computer is like phones. There was some shortcoming and limitations on phones which are now shifted to Computer Camera app also. For example, you cannot freely change the save location for the photos and videos. Read this guide to learn Change Save location of camera app in Windows 10.

How to change the save location

Microsoft has done an amazing job to make things easy and user friendly in the new Windows 10. But still there are some limits when it comes to media storage option. You can only choose between available partitions and if you have connected an external storage you can use that. But you can’t store your image on any cloud or Gmail direct from your camera. You can just choose any location to store your media file from drop in menu. Instead you have to do it manually.

Follow these simple steps to change the save location

  1. Open Settings. You can press “Windows + I” to open settings.
  2. Now Choose System.
  3. Scroll down to Select Storage.
  4. Now Click on the “Change where new content is saved”.

Once you click on this hyperlink you will open a new tab “Change where new content is saved”. Now scroll down and expand the “New photos and videos will save to”. Click on the preferred drive you want to save your file.

Originally the files are saved in the C partition which is system and data partition. But you can select any other if you want to. If you have connected the external storage you can also see that partition as well. But you need to remember that if you choose any external storage then you always need to connect that before using Camera. If you removed the storage and used the camera then images will save in the default folder which is C:\Users\user\Pictures\Camera Roll.


There are some new features that can be seen in the new windows 10. In the latest version (version 1803) of the update you can see that the camera app gets some upgrades. Now you can access the save file folder from the camera as well. It will take you to the same location, but the difference is you can access from your camera as well.

  1. Open camera
  2. Now click on the setting icon on the top right corner of your app.

Once you click on it you can see different option for your camera. Scroll down to look for “Change where photos and videos are saved”. Click on it. It will take you the settings. You can follow the steps mention above to change these settings.

You can see that after changing these folders your images and videos are now saving in different folder. If you find this post useful please leave a comment in the section below and share with your friends to let them know how they can change, there images and Video Folder. If you have any suggest please leave in the comment section below.

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