How to Fix Flash Plugin Errors in Google Chrome

If you are using google chrome for your work on the daily basis then sometimes you see an error which says your Flash stop working. Or you can not open a page and instead get a message which says Flash stop working or you are looking for another Page. You can solve this issue by refreshing your link but this a one-time solution. You can still face this problem because it is lying deep inside a plugin. It is best to Fix Flash plugin error, so you don’t have to worry about chrome closing in the middle of something. Follow these simple steps to Fix Flash Plugin Errors in Google Chrome in Windows.

Plugins are added to helps the exciting software to run more smoothly or to add some features which are not available. Most plugins are used on the web browsers to add different features to the browser. Every browser has its own plugin store, or you can download and manually install them in your app. For example, the Flash plugin helps load web pages with videos or any other flash content. When flash plugin stop working you can’t open a website with videos.

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There have been some improvements and with advance development, most websites don’t need Flash anymore. But still, there are some web pages you can’t open if you don’t have the plugin or you see a plugin error. You can fix this error by following the simple steps.

First Method: Rename pepflashplayer.dll

There is a plugin file which can some time cause a problem. Which is “pepflashplayer.dll”. You can try to solve the issue by renaming this file.

  • Find the file by first accessing the run dialog by pressing Win + R
  • In the RUN box type %localappdata%and enter. This will take you AppData\Local.
  • Now click on the Google folder then look for Chrome>>User Data>>Pepperflash>>another numbered folder.
  • Now open this folder and locate “pepflashplayer.dll” and Rename it to “pepflashplayerXX.dll”How to Fix Flash Plugin Errors in Google Chrome
  • Exit the browser, then reopen it and try to load that page you find an error.

I’m pretty sure your issue will resolve and if it doesn’t work you can try the command method.

Second Method: Command Prompt

Sometimes Windows browser can download files which can affect plugins. Some plugins are not supported by the new Windows 10 which include Flash. To cover that you can go to command prompt to Fix it. You can use a command to scan the system and repair any corrupt files.

  • Press Windows button + X on your keyboard or you click on the Windows button in the bottom left corner.
  • Choose Command Prompt from the list of option appears in the list.
  • When command prompt opens type “sfc/ scannow” and then enter.
  • The computer will start to scan and fix any corrupt file. If that command doesn’t work you can use this other command

“DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth”How to Fix Flash Plugin Errors in Google Chrome

After this command enters and waits for few moments. Once it’s finished scanning you can open the Chrome to see if the Flash error was fixed.

  • permanently Delete the PepperFlash older

You can delete your Flash plugin folder to install it with a new version to resolve this issue. But to install newer version first you need to delete all files present in your computer.

Follow these simple steps to delete pepper Flash folder.

  • First close all Chrome tabs and exit.
  • Open the pepper flash folder by following the step 2 and step 3 in the first procedure.
    1. In the RUN box type %localappdata% and enter. This will take you AppData\Local.
    2. Now click on the Google folder then look for Chrome>>User Data>>Pepperflash
  • Now Right Click on the folder to delete the folder permanently.

Once it deletes open the chrome again to see if your problem is resolved. And now you can open any page with Video and images. As of now, Google Chrome doesn’t have any easy way to remove or fix the plugin. Because they are not in use as they are in past so to fix your plugin problem you can follow these three simple procedures to check if your problem resolves.

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