How to Improve your Android Battery Life

Battery Life is one of the most important things inside any Phone. Be it an Android phone or an iPhone. If your Device does not have a battery it is useless. But today is your Lucky day as I will tell you How to Improve your Android Battery Life. As Android is getting better with every update, consumers like us think what about problems like draining batteries. But with this How to guide you will not need to worry.

Android Battery Life

  • Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS & Mobile Data when not needed

WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS are the main culprit behind battery drainage. If you turn them off if not used, it will help you save a lot of battery. To avoid that, open Notification Panel and click on their icons to turn them off.

You can also go to System Settings and find Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and turn them off from there. What’s more, you can do is to make sure to never let your “Data Mobile” turn on 24/7. It will drain a lot of your battery. You can disable it from System settings as well.

  • Restrict Apps that Runs in the Background

Another Cause of Low Battery is the Apps that run in the background. Most of them are still running and draining the battery even if you close them. So the best way to avoid that is to restrict any app from the background.

Make sure to keep this in mind, if you disable the app from the background, you won’t be able to receive it’s notification until you turn it on. If you are still willing to do so, go to “Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > Choose an app.

Different smartphones have different options yet similar meaning to it. You might need to open a portion called Battery in app info and from there you can select “Background Restriction” on Android devices.

  • Uninstall any Unnecessary Apps

Most of the time we try and download lots of apps and games. We eventually forget about them and don’t care if they are installed or not. But most of them are still running on background and stealing away Android’s juice. To avoid that, just open the app drawer and go through all the installed apps and games on your Smartphone. If you don’t recognize any app or don’t remember using it, you can simply uninstall it without a second thought.

You can also uninstall apps by going to System Settings of your phone. From there, go to Apps & Notification. Open any app you want to uninstall, then click uninstall button from there.

You can also uninstall apps or games from Play Store. Just open play store and find installed apps portion. Open the app you don’t need any longer and uninstall it from there. If you have lots of apps that you want to uninstall, download any 3rd party uninstaller app from Play Store.

If you still want to keep them on your Smartphones, then at least disable them from background activity as mentioned in the previous step.

  • Clear App Cache

Clearing the App Cache is as important as changing the oil in the car. It doesn’t only increase the Battery but the overall performance of the Phone.

If you want to clear the App cache for a specific App that is giving your problems go to settings>Device Maintenance>Storage>Applications>Click on a Specific App>Storage> Click on App Cache.

Improve Android Battery with some apps

You might think it’s ridiculous but some of apps are made just to save you battery. Saving battery without apps are the best and traditional method but you can still use different Android saving apps in your favor.

  • Greenify [Root & Non-Root]

Price: Free

Greenify is the best app for rooted and non-rooted devices. The app is light-weight and easy to use. If you are using lots of apps. It will detect and put them into hibernation. It will help you save a lot of battery life without any hassle.

This is the app you should definitely use on your Android phone if you install and use lot’s apps in it. This app is free and offers more features to Rooted users. You can download it from the Google Play Store for free.

  • Automate

Price: Free+

Automate is an App for Android phones which is also used to improve battery life on phones, by automating some tasks that keep running and draining our batteries. Tasks like Wi-Fi or GPS location.

As we are humans, it gets difficult for us to keep on checking our phones to check whether we have turned off our Wi-Fi or not but with Automate it will do it automatically for you depending on where you are and when you are on the go. The Automate Application can perform functions like turning Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC on and off. It also can send texts, take photos, based on location and time of day, battery level or in case of any triggered event. And when your battery is low it closes down every other unnecessary item on your phone. The App is free to download at the Play Store.

  • IFTTT (If This Then That)

IFTTT is an App that creates chains of simple statements, the chains of statements are called Applets. It acts as a Scheduler. This means that it notifies you of important tasks that can either help save time or battery. The Abbreviation of IFTTT is “If This Then That“. If we put this statement into an example it would be like; if I get home then turn on the Wi-Fi.

It will give you a suggestion for tasks that will help you with simple yet time-saving tasks. Let’s say, if your phone is low on battery it will give you statements like turning off your Wi-Fi will save 25% of your battery. IFTTT is just like automate, it will inform you about your daily tasks but the UI of IFTTT is cleaner.

You can use this application as it is really user-friendly and it can help you save a lot of battery without any issue. You can download it free on Android devices via Google Play Store.

Conclusion: With the continuous update in Android versions the battery usage is also fixed. And as the World is progressing forward we are incorporating huge data into smaller things like a 4000 mAh Battery in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is innovation. In the future, Battery will not be an issue.

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