How to Host a Facebook Watch Party – Facebook Group Feature

Facebook has officially launched a new feature worldwide: Facebook Watch Party. It enables its users to simultaneously watch Facebook videos together that are publicly available on Facebook. The streams are synced so that everyone can comment and react in real-time. So it creates a shared viewing experience. These watch parties can only be started within Groups, by the admin of the group, and there can also be a co-host who can add videos along with the admin; however, the participants of the watch party cannot add videos on their own, but merely suggest.

So how does the Facebook Watch Party work?

Like we mentioned, you need a host to start a Facebook Watch Party. This host can be the admin of the group. The stream can be made up of live or pre-recorded videos. The host can add videos to the watch queue and control playback. We know people like watching movies and funny internet videos together, so Facebook Watch Party is a really cool feature. If you can’t call your friend over for some Netflix and chill, its okay – you can always co-host a Facebook Watch Party and enjoy your favorite TV series and also chat about it.

Sounds cool right? Here’s a step to step guide on how to host a Facebook Watch Party.

How to Host a Facebook Watch Party in a Facebook Group:

This feature is now available for both; desktop version and the mobile phone app.

Step 1: Create a Watch Party

  • Open Facebook and then tap open your Group
  • In the ‘Start a new post’ area, you will find the option of ‘Watch Party’
  • Tap on that and add a name for your Watch Party

When you’re posting about your watch party, you can add a description with it about what kind of videos it will have and when are you planning to have it. This will get you more viewers and let your friends know about your watch party.

Step 2: Add videos to your Watch Party

  • When you create a watch party, it will show you a list of videos that you’ve recently watched on Facebook, or videos that you might like to see based on your preferences
  • You can select videos to add them to your watch party, or you could tap on Add Later

Step 3: Your Watch Party will now begin!

  • If any of your friends have joined, you will see their pictures on the bottom left of the screen
  • You can always add more videos to the queue

Step 4: Start chatting with your friends!

  • On the right side of the video, you’ll see a panel that shows your watch party playlist at the top
  • Below that there will be an option to add comments and chat with your viewers
  • They can also react to the video by clicking one of the reactions in real-time
Via Facebook

Furthermore, you can invite more people to join in as well. And you have the option of controlling playback; which means you get to move the videos up or down the queue and also add or remove.

Step 5: End the Watch party

  • Click on End Party, on the right side where your playlist is
  • Your watch party will immediately end

And it’s as simple as that to host a Facebook Watch Party!

Can you re-watch Watch Parties?

Once you’re done with your watch party, a recap will be saved in your group as a post which will show all the videos watched during the party. However, you won’t be able to see the comments made during the original watch party.

Limitations of the Watch Party

  • Up till now, the feature of a watch party is only available in groups. Although Facebook announced that it will be coming soon for Facebook pages as well, it’s not ready yet.
  • Also, it only works with videos publicly available on Facebook. So you can’t upload videos from YouTube or Netflix. It’s Facebook exclusive.

What do you think about Facebook Watch Party?

We think it’s a pretty cool feature that lets you watch and communicate with a bunch of people online in real-time. It’s like a live TV show and we’re all a part of it. It could be fun to watch makeup tutorials with your besties and talk about it as well.

Like Facebook said, ‘’ Imagine sitting down to watch a loved one’s graduation video with your extended family when they couldn’t be there in person, reliving a vacation by sharing videos and swapping memories, or even just hanging out with friends watching funny videos together’’. So yeah, we think Facebook has really outdone itself.

Will you be hosting a Facebook Watch Party in your group anytime soon? Let us know!


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