How to Share Your Screen on Skype

Skype has a built-in feature to instantly Share your screen in the middle of your call. No matter which version of Skype you are using.

If you’re having any conversation with someone over skype and want to show something from your Computer, one of the best ways to do this is by sharing your screen.

There are many times and situations when you must share your screen with your Skype partner. Feasibly you need to share screens on skype when you need to teach someone how to perform a specific task, you need to show your presentation to someone , it can be a business meeting in which you’re tend to share your ideas from your point of view or you need to show an error to a technician to get any advice to solve a problem. No matter what the reason may be, if you’re using the Skype app, you can use the screen sharing feature in your PC. Microsoft has Few various Versions of Skype on different platforms.

Don’t Fret, if you don’t have the idea of screen sharing over skype. Techchunky’s this guide will take you through the process of how to share your screen on skype, step by step.

Although we’ll love to share with you How to share your screen from your mobile (in skype app) you can’t share it. In spite, a PC user is perfectly able to share their screen to a person who is using Skype app on their mobile, but you can’t do the same in return if you are using Skype on your phone.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to quickly share your screens over Skype.

How to share your screen on Skype:

  1. Launch the Skype app
  2. To share your screen First you need to make a voice call or video call to one of your contacts.
  3. Click the Skype interface or (tab screen) to unveil the Options of call.
  4. Now Click onto the Two Square overlapping button, in the bottom right corner.Skype app
  5. Select the display you want to share if you’re using Multi-monitor set up.
  6. Click the Share Screen.Share your Screen on Skype

The other person will be able to now see the live video of What’s on your screen, your desktop or another program you may have Open. Below is the display of how it may look like from your contacts’ point of view.Screen Sharing on Skype

  1. Once you’ve completed the following steps given above all the participant will now be able to view your screen.
  2. To stop sharing the screen, Click in the bottom right corner at share screen

Screen Security Tips

Not everyone feels comfortable about their stuff to be seen by others. Would you feel comfortable if your coworker gets onto your shoulder to see while you check into your bank account online? Probably no one ever wants to. This same goes for screen sharing as well. Basically, screen sharing feature lets the other person see your entire desktop, anything else you has open in your taskbar. This can include your personal photos, your email accounts, bank accounts or websites you don’t want other people to see. To keep track of your information private, you should follow these tips mentioned below for your privacy.

Before you share your screen Check your Desktop.

Anything you want to keep private you should change. The other person over your Skype call will be able to see your Any files, folders, images you’ve saved on your desktop, Plus the images you are using for your background. Clean up things from your desktop before sharing your screen.

Close other programs, you don’t want the other person to see.

You might have open different tabs in your browser. It might be possible that during a screen sharing session you accidentally click on it.

Sign out of other Instant messaging programs like Google+ Hangouts.

You could also change your IM online Status to busy to let your friends know you are not available. By this, you won’t receive any unexpected IM’s or share a personal chat by accident.

Do you use any other program to share your screen? Let us know in the comments section below. we would like to hear from you.