How to add tags to files on Windows 10

Tags can help make it easier to find and discover appropriate information in Windows 10. A.k.a, metadata, tags provide a description of the structure or information within a file. Windows Search is important, if underutilized tool.

If you want to search for a file on Windows 10, your best solid option is to remember the file name. If it’s a content record (text file), you may be able to search it via its contents but that’s not a search feature that works for all file types. A much better way to organize files is to use tags feature.

add tags to files on Windows 10
Learn How to add tags to files on Windows 10

Why use tags?

If you are trying to discover your old documents, it might be possible you don’t remember the exact name of the file or folder. Trying to find old documents are like remembering something from your past but without hint name (Tags). After spending hours in finding those documents you are looking for is a bit frustrating. Windows are given us a great feature which can be used to find with tags, even a single file in windows can use tags to be found.

With Adding tags to your files, you can go on with your hassle-free with your searches.

Tags work like they do in any other system more or less you have to add them whether it’s in—photo libraries, social networks, et cetera. Unfortunately, there’s no other way for Windows to auto-generate tags by itself. You’ve to add and manage them manually. Then again, that might be a plus hype, depending on your personal style of organization. Tags, if properly utilized to a file, can be immensely helpful in finding it later when you’ve forgotten the file name. For Windows 10 update where many users still have to deal with a broken search feature, tags are exponentially more useful. Here’s a guide on how to add tags to files on Windows 10.

Add Tags to files

There are three different ways to Add a tag to files on Windows 10; you can include tags through a document’s properties window, you can include tags to files by means of the application used to create them the file, or you can utilize the third-party apps to include tags.

  • File Properties
  • Apps
  • Different Tagging Tools

File Properties feature to add tags to a file in windows 10:

To add tags to a file from its properties window, below are some quite easy steps you can follow to add tags to files on windows 10.

  • Explore to the document in File Explorer and right-click on it.
  • Select Properties from the setting menu.
  • On the Properties window, go to the Details tab.
  • Look through the attributes until the point when you find Tags.
  • Click inside the empty field next to tags and enter the tags you want to use.

Apps that allow you to add tags to files in Windows 10:

This method is limited in light of the fact, not every application give you access to add tags to the documents you make with them. One application that allows you to include tags is Microsoft Word. When you save the file, you get the option to also add tags to it, but we cannot state the equivalent for other apps. This is an experimentation strategy.

Tagging Tools (software) to add tags to file in windows 10:

Tags are the least complex approach to add information to documents and arrange them without unlimited layers of organizers (folders). They’re maybe your most flexible tool for sorting your files.

Windows has dependably been limited by the way it manages tags which is the reason there are many applications accessible for adding tags to your documents. Not exclusively can these applications add tags to documents, they can do as such in mass which is something that Windows 10 doesn’t enable you to do.

Techchunky suggests you use Tag Spaces. It’s a well-known application for adding a wide range of tags to documents. It has both a free form and an exceptional form however in case you’re just keen on adding tags to nearby documents, the free version will be more than adequate.

Tag Spaces software download


You don’t need of course Tag Spaces for just browsing your photos by folders. This can be used perfectly with the Windows Explorer or macOS Finder, but if you have spent some time organizing your photos with tags, descriptions, and comments and want to use this data somehow Tag Spaces might be helpful.

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