Find the App Directory from the Control Panel in Windows 10

As soon as you sign into Windows 10, Microsoft pushes its suggested applications and settings on you. While you can’t make a huge difference, you can alter quite a bit of Windows 10’s out-of-the-container conduct. At any time when you don’t want to log in with a Microsoft account, you’ll be cheerful to realize you can change all these.

Although the Settings application is the new experience to modify and configure Windows 10, despite everything you have to utilize Control Panel because not every option is migrated to settings.

When you try to access a Windows app directory folder with default settings, you get an error message “you have been denied permission to access this folder”. However, you can access and open windows directory folder by changing default permissions of the folder.

Windows 10 lets you uninstall applications from the Start Menu however just if the application being referred to is a UWP application and if you try to uninstall a desktop app you’re diverted to the Control Panel. The application’s rundown in the Control Panel records applications by name, gives you the date, an application was introduced on, the name of the developer who published it, the size of the application, and its version. This is the default information you gain but Control Panel has lots of additional columns that you can enable. One column i.e., the Location column allows you to view the windows app directory from the Control Panel.

Here are the means by which you can quickly know how to find the app directory from the control panel in windows 10.

Windows App directory from the control panel

The Control Panel has more columns than it appears as a matter of course. Much like you can enable extra columns in Task Manager, you can do likewise in the Control Panel.

  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Click Uninstall a program.Find App Directory in Windows 10
  • This will take you to the list of Installed applications.
  • Right-click the title of any of the sections.Find App Directory in Windows 10
  • From the Setting menu, select More.

A window will open that’ll show up the various columns that can be enabled. From the context menu, one of the menu items is called “location” and if you enable it right here. You can be able to view the app directory from the control panel.

Find App Directory in Windows 10

The area section will demonstrate to you the area for most applications, yet it will, in any case, pass up some of them. For instance, you won’t see the registry for, OBS, or Visual C++, among others.

There are a few other things you can try if the control panel doesn’t show up the install directory for an app. the app will be listed in the app list in the start menu.

  • Right Click >Click > go to more> open file location.
  • If the app isn’t listed in the app list, or it doesn’t open the install directory you can launch the task manager.
  • Run the app > open task manager>
  • On the process tab
  • Right-click the app>select the open file location.
  • As a last resort, you can even now use Windows search to discover the application’s EXE. It additionally doesn’t hurt to peer inside the App Directory folder.

In addition:

Regularly, finding the introduce index for an application is once in a while an issue. All things considered, some applications, especially convenient ones, may be elusive when you’re attempting to stop it.

In case regardless, you’re running in attempting to discover where the EXE of an application is found. Make sure you realize what the EXE is called.  Many developers don’t name the EXE document equivalent to the application.


Whichever methods you’ve used, you should now have access to your app directory. The even better news is that you now know how to find the app directory from the Control Panel in Windows 10. If an app folder doesn’t let you in due to admin privileges or anything else, then the above method can be used for that too.

You should also know How to Install Windows 10 on Mac while working on this. Got any questions? Feel free to ask us in the comment box below.