How to Enable JavaScript on Android Devices

Are you really into those interactive effects within browsers which make the browser looks fancy and fresh enough to capture the audience’s attention? Don’t have any idea about javascript? Having a fast internet connection but webpages taking to long to load? It might be possible In your Android device Javascript feature is disabled. Let us walk you through basic javascript introduction and guide you how you can enable javascript in your Android device in no time.

About JavaScript:

Javascript a programming language that lets you enable different features and execute complex things on site pages and by complex things we mean other than just the static information to look at. The third layer of standard web technologies is Javascript while HTML and CSS are the other two of them.

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so consequently, it shows us timely Updated Content, animated 2D/3D graphics, along with that video jukeboxes, maps and much more by enabling javascript.

Enable JavaScript:

Enable JavaScript on your Android device so you can enjoy certain functions on a website. Web browsers are by default Enabled in Android devices to configure JavaScript. Above all, if you accidentally disabled JavaScript or toggled in the settings and turned it off So, you can have a bad experience of viewing the web. Usually, you’ll end up with facing difficulty while loading websites and missing different interactive elements such as shopping carts.

Android smartphones by default use the Chrome web browser for searching over the web. so, in this article, we’ll be focusing on how to enable JavaScript on google chrome.

Enable JavaScript on Android Devices (in Google Chrome):

We will tell you the best way to enable JavaScript on Google Chrome running on Android. to clarify this, let us just focus on the straight forward guide. All you required is an Android phone to perform this easy task. As a result, you’ll see the following directions probably won’t fit in (in other browsers).

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Turn on Javascript:

Android’s default internet browser is Google Chrome which can run JavaScript sites. Enable javascript first. This feature is by default turned on in every android device. after the enabling procedure is complete, the user is all set up to run added functionality on every website which uses javascript. we’ve mentioned a complete guide in this article by this you can enable javascript in your android device.

Quick note: The screenshots were taken using Huawei y9 android Oreo.

Just Learn the simple steps below to get it to work on your Chrome browser:

Step 1:

Launch Google Chrome from your Android device.

Step 2:

Tap on to the Three Dots displayed on top-right Corner. To open the Settings menu.

Step 3:

Now Tap on Settings listed down below.

Step 4:

Now select Site settings.

Step 5:

Under the site settings menu select JavaScript. This is typically located towards the site settings under settings section.

Step 6:

Turn on the toggle button.

  • Javascript is enabled in your Chrome browser. Refresh your browser and you are done.

Before we wrap up, Ensure your apps are updated timely. If you’re still unable to load web pages/render on your device Giving a soft reset to your Android device often helps.