How to fix Delayed Notification on Android

Today, we live in a modern society where almost everything happens with the help of a smartphone. It has become a basic necessity and prerequisite to doing almost anything in the world. We use smartphones for communications, bookings, paying, ordering, surfing etc. These smartphones alert us about things with the help of notifications. Whenever something happens, we get a notification. And if there is a delay in checking notification, we lost our minds and search for how to fix Delayed Notification on Android devices.

Notifications engage us in social situations happening around the world. But what if we receive our notifications late? This would lead us to a problem like communication barrier so every situation would be disordered, disorganized and messy.

Android users have come across the same delayed notification problem. Users reported that these notifications delayed up to 30 minutes and in some cases, notifications delayed until the specific app is opened/reopened. It can be quite troubling of course. This push notification delay may be because of the battery saver apps, background apps notification settings, power saving modes etc.fix Delayed Notification on Android

To keep ourselves informed, we want to get notifications at the same time, when an app has sent it. There are a lot of possible simple ways with which we can achieve this. This can be possible by following the underneath points:

Restart/Reboot your Phone to Fix Delayed Notification on Android:

Sometimes this problem can be solved by just restarting your phone. Rebooting your computer clears its RAM, increase its speed and stops memory leakage so there may be a probability of solving the delayed alert problem.

Stop killing Background Apps Manually:

Don’t kill the apps you are expecting to receive notifications from all the time (like messengers and social networking sites). You may kill some apps you are not using because you may think that they are consuming your device’s RAM. Delayed Notification on Android can cause disturbance during your work hours. If you want to get rid of the notification delay issue, you have to give up this habit. Don’t kill the apps unless your device slows down or the app freezes. Also refrain from Task-killing Apps like Battery doctor, RAM cleaner etc. They will make up your phone faster but you have to face task delay.

Clear the Cache on your device:

Cache is a small buffer memory which contains data about the recently used apps. That is why if you open an app quickly after closing, it doesn’t take as much time compared to the time it took when opening in the first place. This can help fix the Delayed Notification on Android. If this memory gets full, the problem may occur. You can resolve them by the underlying approach:

  • Open the Settings on your phone.fix Delayed Notification on Android
  • Go to apps from your phone and select the app causing the problem.fix Delayed Notification on Android
  • Tap on “Clear Cache” button to delete the apps related data.fix Delayed Notification on Androidfix Delayed Notification on Androidfix Delayed Notification on Android

Stop using battery and Phone Optimization Apps

Phone optimization apps clear up the RAM deleting all the data in the cache. You may have done it to speed up your phone but they also restrict the background apps causing your phone to delay notifications.

Use the Power Saving mode wisely

Power Saving mode restricts the usability of some apps. If the power saving mode is enabled, it disables some important features of the device. This might be the problem in notification delay case so do not turn on the power saving mode unless the battery is less than 15 percent.fix Delayed Notification on Android

Keep the Wi-Fi turned on all the time:

If you receive notifications only when you are using the phone and not when it is locked then this may result in notification delay. This problem can be solved as:

  • Open the Settings on your phone.fix Delayed Notification on Android
  • Open Wi-Fi settings.fix Delayed Notification on Android
  • Select the “Advanced settings” from the main menu at the top right corner. In some devices, this option may appear in the “Configure Wi-Fi” option
  • On the next page set the “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” option to ‘Always’.fix Delayed Notification on Android

Using the Notification Settings:

There may be an issue like the data is not properly synced. If you are not receiving notifications from a particular app, then only that app’s notification needs to be set and not all the settings. You can fix Delayed Notification on Android this by keeping in mind the following steps:

Open the Settings on your phone.fix Delayed Notification on Android

  • Select the app that has delyaed notification issue.
  • Turn off the “Restrict App Background data” option if it is on. In some devices, this option will appear as a checkbox. Turn on the checkbox if it off.fix Delayed Notification on Android

Decrease Android Heartbeat Interval:

Google Cloud Messaging (GMC) is a service which is used by almost all the messaging apps for push notifications. Your device maintains a stable connection to do timely notifications. A Heartbeat is sent to the servers after some time to make sure that you receive notifications. The one heartbeat sent by your device is called a packet. For Wi-Fi, the interval is 15 minutes. For mobile data, the interval is 28 minutes. The problem arises when the carriers/routers get disconnected from an inactive port after few minutes of inactivity. So after a few minutes, the connection loses and you don’t receive any notification until another packet is sent again.

This problem is solved by increasing the packet transfer speed. The user can download Push notification Fixerapp for this purpose. Use this app to change the timing to a minimum value of packet transfer to fix the problem.


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