How to Delete Saved Places in Uber

Every individual has the right to keep his/her things confidential but not everyone understands this. People delete their call history, text messages, other information from their phones from time to time. But it’s not an ethical way to dig into someone’s phone without their permission or concern.

What is UBER?

The Uber application is a ridesharing application that enables you to ask for a Uber ride in more than 66 nations from your smartphone. The application utilizes a framework that naturally associates and connects you to the driver nearest to your area. With Uber, all pickups rides are made on demand, the driver will have your location via GPS, this uber app allows you to select a car option, show you approximately how far away the closest driver is. and drivers arrive within minutes, you have the option to schedule an UberX ride in advance.

An Uber driver usually arrives within minutes, making it much more convenient for people who need to reach somewhere on time or don’t have someone to drop them to their desired destination. Payment is also directly charged through the uber app. The hassle of paying a driver is eliminated with cash or credit card. It’s your choice to select the payment mode (cash or credit card). It’s simple. You can start using Uber now. It’s very user-friendly.

Last night, one of my friends faced a situation where he needs to call an uber for a friend. He gave his phone to her friend and there it happens Boom..! She saw the whole list of places He usually goes to. The locations were listed in the Saved places in Uber. This is just not the case. Many people don’t bother to even update their saved places.

Customize Saved places in Uber:

Saving places in your saved places list in uber is for your own convenience. Many people don’t waste their time customizing their uber profiles. Rather 80% of people update their profile on and off. If you are the 1 from the 80% people, you should be more concerned about continue reading on how to delete saved places in uber?

For instance, if you update your workplace in uber to stay organized you’ll be updating it when you left your current job and have to update your workplace. You’ll then be in need of updating your current workplace and delete saved place in uber.

How to Customize Saved places in Uber:

Need to go directly to your best friend’s house without any hassle? Just save his location in your saved places list once and next time when you are in hurry just click on that saved place. Uber can now let its users save their places other than your Home or Workplace. A rider can be able to click on saved a place once they’re En route.

After that:

You’ll be able to access that saved place location by Clicking on “where to” and then choose “saved places”.

Saved Places Feature:

Earlier, you could only add two locations — work and home. That changed in 2017 when Uber presented the feature of allowing its users to customize their saved places.

Saved Places set-asides the trouble of looking addresses for the destination of each trip.

This saves places feature is available in Android and iOS devices and will be rolled out to other countries in near future.

Now the thing to keep an eye on is, how you can delete saved places in uber?

In this guide, we’ll walk you through these straightforward strides by which you could be able to delete saved places in uber.

Delete Home or Workplace:

  1. Launch the UBER App.
  2. Tap the three-bar menu at the upper left corner.Delete Saved Places in Uber
  3. Tap on Settings.Delete Saved Places in Uber
  4. On Android devices, you will have the Delete option along the Home and Work option. Tap on the one that you want to delete saved places from.Delete Saved Places in Uber

On iOS devices, swipe left on the place that you want to delete from saved places.

Delete other Saved places from uber:

Here’s how you can delete Saved places from uber other than work or home.

  1. Launch the UBER App
  2. Go to Settings option By Tapping on the Three Lines Bar Menu.Delete Saved Places in Uber
  3. Tap on More saved places.Delete Saved Places in Uber
  4. Tap on the three-dot Shown under the other saved places menu, hit the three dots icon and hit remove from the menu.

On iOS devices, you can tap the X option and select Remove Saved Place from the saved places menu.

Save the Word:

Uber won’t let you delete your Uber’s Trips history. But thankfully the Uber app allows us to delete saved places. We hope now you’ll be able to delete your Uber Saved places.

Meanwhile, in this scenario, Before we wrap up Here’s a little piece of information.

Google Maps has made life so much easier by tracking our routes and getting us there in the most efficient way. You can feed your daily locations in it and rely on it completely.  If you ever wish to delete Google Maps location history, then we’ve got a way for you to do that.

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