How to Send a Video through Email

The Cloud is the limit. Here’s how you can effectively explore the obstacle of How to send a video through Email.

Looking back into that time when there were no possibilities of sending a large file to a person through email. There was also a time when you need to resize a 5Mb picture into Kb’s to send that Image in an email. Many people tend to use different file resize software’s to compress files. Apparently, In Today’s world where everyone uses Social media Apps the majority of people still focus on using E-mails to send and receive large media files. This article will clarify, How to send a video through Email.

Send a Video through Email
Here is how you can Send a Video through Email

Sending video by email is a genuinely direct process including two primary Steps: Creating a video and attaching the video to an email. In case, you are new to this kind of thing, it may appear to be quite hectic at first, however, once you have the basic setup lined up, you will find that making and sending video messages is brisk and simple. There are numerous reasons behind needing to send video through email, from sending video postcards to giving material to corporate customers. In this guide, we’ll be discussing how to send video through email. We’ll also focus on the credentials to send a video through Email.

01. How to send videos with Gmail:

Gmail clients have it simple when it comes to sending documents that are over the limit. Google Drive will act the role of a hero when you try to attach a file that is over 25 MB. Gmail will now pop up a message, large files must be shared with Google Drive.

Use Google Drive: Attachments bigger than 25MB will be consequently transferred to Google Drive. A download link will be included in your email.”

Here is step by step tutorial How to send a video through Email with Gmail:

01: Log in to your Gmail Account.

02: Compose your message in Gmail like you normally do but instead of attaching your file to this email Click on Google drive icon here.

Send a Video through Email

03: As a Gmail user you have access to use Google drive. You can choose a file from your computer or Choose already uploaded file from your google drive.

Send a Video through Email

Note: Select My drive to upload a file from your google drive.

03: Click My Drive> Choose a file> Select Drive Link.

04: Choose the video file and Select Open to close the dialogue box.

05: Click on Upload and wait for a while until the file is saved in your google drive.

06: After the upload is finished, the video will be converted into a link in the email.

07: Click on send. it’ll then ask you if you want to turn on link sharing with the recipient.

08:  Even if the person you are sharing this link doesn’t use Gmail, they’ll still be able to receive your attachment.

In addition to this:

Your recipient can add the video to their google drive, embed the video and can download the video file. If your recipient has a Gmail account, they’ll be able to also comment on the video you just sent.

02: How to send a video in the email through Dropbox:

drop Box is a well-known online storage service that gives you a chance to keep your essential records backed up in the cloud. You can also send a video through Email using Dropbox.  It also makes it simple to impart those records to other individuals, who can download them through a sharing connection or add them to their own drop Box accounts.

Use Dropbox:

drop Box offers a free 2 GB of space to anybody. On the off chance that your storage needs more space than the free service offers, at that point you can register to paid service that offers more space.

You can send a video to someone using drop box by two simple methods:

  1. By providing them the direct link to the website.
  2. By emailing the link that Dropbox provides.

Let’s have a look at how you can send a video in the email through Dropbox.

01:  Open the DropBox folder from your PC.

02: Locate the file you want to send and then Right click on it.

03: Select View on

04: From the browser, you can see that the file is checked and selected.

05: as it is a video file Click on the Share video button.

06:  On the window that opens up, click on the Get link.

07:  After clicking on the Get link button, it’ll show you a message that The link to the video is copied to your clipboard.

08: Click on Done.

09: Now sign out to your Dropbox account.

10: Go to your email service provider webpage. i.e.

11Sign in to your Gmail account using your account credentials.

12:  Compose a message in here like you usually do.

13: In the message section > right click > and Click on Paste. The link you copied earlier will be posted here.

14: Click on Send.

Now when the recipient receives the email they need to copy that link and paste that on the browser’s address bar. It’ll open the video. The recipient can either play the video or download It if required.

03: How to send a Video through Email with WeTransfer:

WeTransfer a free service that lets you share files up to 2 Gb. You can only send files with WeTransfer. it’s not an online storage service. It’s very handy to use. here’s how to send a video through Email with WeTransfer guide:

01: Go to the website

02: Click on Free option

03: Add your files from your computer.

04: Type in your email, your recipient’s email, and type in a message.

Send a Video through Email

05: Click on the Transfer button and wait until WeTransfer uploads the file and send a notification to the recipient. (The files will remain available to download for 7days only)

04: How to send a video through Email using outlook: has a message estimate limit of 20 MB. On the off chance that you have a business account, the document measure limit is 10 MB.

OneDrive: When sending large video files with Outlook, at first save the video file to OneDrive and send a link to the file that anyone can view.

To email large videos by Outlook and OneDrive:

01: Go to the Microsoft Office website and sign in to your account.

02: Click on One Drive. OneDrive will open up in a separate window and will show you where your files and folders you have saved in OneDrive.

03: Select your desired folder where you want to upload the file.

04:  Click on Upload.

05: Go to the folder containing the video, select the file, at that point select Open. The file uploads and a notice show up when the upload is done.

06: Select the share link.

07: Enter the email of the recipient.

08: Enter your message and then select Send.

Note: You and your recipient will get an email with a link to the video. This will empower your recipient to play and download the video.


In this guide, you’ve learned how to send a video through different means using your email address and attached links in emails. Focusing on the Cloud drives of every Email service provider you can now have access to the different cloud attachment links. These services like Google drive, one drive, we transfer and iCloud provides their users with easy access to save and share multiple files without rushing onto other websites and tools. If you find these Guides helpful Give it a Thumbs up!


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