How to get Smooth Scrolling in Chrome on Windows 10

As we all know web browsers nowadays aren’t just the gateways of information or data. You can do a lot more than just browsing or surfing over them. Google chrome provides its users to enjoy the perks of almost every extension and add-ons instead of installing the large size files of software. Who doesn’t want to scroll smoothly while browsing over the internet? Google Chrome gave us a chance to experience this edge like smooth scrolling by simply installing the extension from chrome store. With which we can enable smooth scrolling in chrome. you can easily install an extension of a program or any feature you want to enjoy in google chrome. You can get your desired extension or add-ons from Chrome Webstore.

Additionally, Google open ups to third-party apps, giving you space to communicate with your browser in a significant way and customized your apps, extensions, and add-ons as you like them to.

How exactly Google Chrome Extensions work?

Google Chrome is unquestionably the most excellent, fast and famous browser. The explanation behind this is the programmers of the Google chrome always work on including new highlights and features every single day no matter if they’re just for experiment. These highlights probably won’t be noticeable to the usual chrome clients, yet experienced clients can essentially enhance their productivity by installing these additional functions and extensions. Google Chrome has got a lot in its web-store. Some are hidden to the users while some of them are available for those who know how to exactly get the advantage of these useful extensions.

One of the features and extension which is covered up in this post is the smooth scroll.

Smooth Scrolling in Chrome on Windows 10
Smooth Scrolling in Chrome on Windows 10

Why install smooth scroll in chrome?

You may have heard the term smooth scroll on the web. However, if you aren’t sure about smooth scrolling, as its name shows, it’s a feature that gives you access to smoothly scroll down your web page without hanging in or stuck in between the middle of something. you often had experienced this when watching a movie on Netflix or while reading an Ebook. your laptop slows down and mouse stop working. The normal scrolling is rough and might stop responding suddenly.

When you add this extension to your chrome you can see a charming and smooth look here by scrolling down and up while you browse the webpages in chrome. Let’s see how you can get the smooth scroll in google chrome.

How to install smooth scroll in chrome?

  • Open Chrome Webstore from your Chrome browser.
  • In the left corner in Search bar type Smooth scroll.
  • You’ll have a list of extensions of Smooth scroll.
  • Download the Smoothscroll extension by Clicking on Add to chrome option.
    Price: Free
  • A small pop up window will show you a warning message “Smooth scroll can read and change all your data on the websites you visit”.
  • Click on Add extension.
  • Tip: Let the webpage Load completely. you cannot scroll down/up, till the page is fully loaded.

Tip: A bit of customization is required.

After this, a small configuration page window will open. This window lets you enable or disable many hidden features available in google chrome.

How to enable Smooth Scrolling in chrome (smooth scroll extension):

Let’s move forward and see how you can enable smooth scrolling in chrome by smooth scroll extension using your Chrome browser.

  1. Go to SmoothScroll’s setting page
  2. Or you can Type in this following address in the address bar: chrome-extension://nbokbjkabcmbfdlbddjidfmibcpneigj/pages/options.html
  3. Type in the values which are shown in the below image:
  4. Scroll down below on the options page and click on Save. Note: Once you’ve correctly configured the extension you’ll see an obvious difference in scrolling right away but it’s a lot easier to test your scrolling if you have a long page to scroll.

How to enable Smooth Scrolling in chrome without any extension:   

Here are the following steps by which you can have the perks of smooth scrolling in chrome.

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Type in the address bar chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling and press Enter


  • On the top of the page, you’ll be able to see the smooth scrolling flag.
  • From the drop-down, menu Select
  • Click on relaunch now.

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