How to Clear Cache of Galaxy S10 without losing data

Have you ever Got stuck while using your Samsung S10? Ran out of Memory or low storage issues? You don’t need to uninstall an app to free up space on your Samsung s10. Just Clear Cache of Galaxy S10.

Clear Cache on Galaxy S10
Learn How to Clear Cache on Samsung Galaxy S10 Devices

Clear Cache on Galaxy S10:

Did you ever confront with the issue of low space on your Samsung s10 and your device begins to run low while you are using it? Clear cache method is basically done to boost up the overall performance of your smartphone.

For instance, clear cache in Samsung galaxy s10 is also used to speed up your apps and remove unnecessary information each time you access any app. The clear cache also means refreshing your apps.

Why you should Clear Cache?

App Cache can eat your phone’s space. The cache can take thousands of Mbs on your phone by saving temporary files on your phone without you even knowing. This seems quite annoying If any app in your high-end phone is unresponsive or force stopped each time in the middle of something. However, you have to restart your work on an app. it usually happened on third-party apps but what if this happened on your built-in apps? Clear cache on galaxy s10 can sort out this issue. By using wipe cache data on Samsung galaxy s10 you don’t have to uninstall an app or soft reset your device. you can save up your memory space and app’s performance by clearing the cache data.

Clear app data: On the other hand, Clear app data will remove everything from your app. For example, if you are using your Facebook account you can use the Clear app data method to Erase everything from that app by Clearing up data from the Facebook app.

Disclaimer: Wiping the data will reset the app to default factory settings. Any customized settings saved email, passwords or saved files on the app will be deleted.

How do I Clear Cache stored data in Samsung galaxy S10?

Many people love surfing the internet. People love browsing different fun facts and other important stuff according to their demand, mode, and choice. There’s an approach, with which you’ll be able to improve your browsing experience with your new Samsung galaxy s10. Clear unnecessary files from your smartphone and Delete cookies stored on your device by wipe cache data.

Frequently, the cache data and cookies are gathered together on your Smartphone. it happened due to the daily usage of your internet browsing data that associate many temporary files to your device on a daily basis and conflict with the performance by saving cache data on your phone. which leads to some later lagging issues you get on your device.

Quick Tip: If you are a frequent internet user, we highly recommend to clear your cache data and cookies regularly.

Samsung S10 working slow or not working properly:

This issue may occur often because there is sometimes a large number of apps that you are running on the back-end of your phone which makes the Samsung s10 run low in performance. So, to fix this problem, you need to know How to Clear Cache of Galaxy S10 without losing data. With the latest updates of new apps, the cache data remains the same and gather data with every update. You have to wipe cache partition in order to free up space in cache storage.

No matter how high-end your phone is, there comes a time when a faulty app starts messing with your phone’s performance and start eating up a lot of its battery or your phone is stuck in boot loop, then entering recovery Mode is your only option.

We’ve listed Three Methods to Clear Cache on Samsung Galaxy S10. Read below:

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Method 1:

Steps to Clear Apps Cache on Samsung Galaxy S10:

Follow the underneath steps to Clear Apps Cache:

  1. Go to your Samsung S10’s Settings.
  2.  Search for Apps from this menu.
  3.  Tap on Apps.
  4.  From the upper left Select all the Apps.
  5.  In the upper right Tap on Drop Down icon, then select all apps.
  6.  Locate the app you need to Clear cache.
  7.  Tap on Apps icon.
  8.  Tap on Storage Option.
  9.  Finally, Tap on Clear Cache from here.

Note: Clear Cache options vary in some Apps.

Method 2:

How to Wipe Cache Partition with Recovery Mode?

Step by step instructions to Wipe Cache partition with recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy S10:

  1. Power off your phone by pressing the Power button for 5 seconds.
  2. Tap on Power off in pop up window.
  3. Once the phone is completely shut down, Press and hold Volume Up + Power + Bixby buttons and keep holding on to these buttons until you see Samsung’s logo appearing on your screen.
  4. Tap on Samsung’s Logo and You’ll Enter into Recovery Mode.
  5. Since it’s recovery mode the touch screen won’t be working.
  6. In the recovery mode Use your Volume up down keys to navigate between the options.
  7. Navigate to the Option called wipe cache partition.
  8. And use the power button for the selection.
  9. You’ll see a bunch of Tech stuff in this window.
  10. Once done select the reboot option from here and Press power button to restart your Samsung galaxy s10.

Important Note: The First reboot will take a bit longer than usual.

Method 3:

Pro Method to Clear Cache for all Apps:

Actually, there’s another way with which you can easily wipe cache for every app in your Samsung s10.

Steps to follow:

  1. Go to Home Screen.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Scroll down and Click on Device Maintenance.
  4. Choose settings from here.
  5. Now just Tap on “Clean Now

You can Try these methods of your Samsung galaxy s10 seems to be running low These are the best methods to boost up your Samsung galaxy s10 performance.

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