How to Enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

Good news to anyone who is using Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS. The need for Dark Mode in almost everything is going so strong that almost every app is offering Dark Mode in it. You can enable Dark Mode on YouTube as well. Samsung’s new One UI update let’s you enable dark interface and it’s pretty good. Just like that, we are happy to announce that you can now enable Dark mode on Facebook Messenger as well.

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode
Learn how to Enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

I wish they can enable this feature for Facebook and Instagram as well. Facebook is famous for their hidden features. We discovered many things on Facebook Messenger before and just like that, there is catch to it in order to enable the dark mode and it’s pretty fun.

So, we are here to guide you on how to Enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode and the good part about this is that it works on both Android and iOS.

Dark Side of UI

Do you know that Dark Mode is not just for good looking interface, it also helps save a little amount of battery and you don’t feel much pressure on your eyes while using it. The readability of text also improves and it’s best for anyone who use their Smartphones at night with lights off.

So, if you use Facebook messenger like a monster, this will help you a lot. Eyes will not hurt with the bright colors anymore.

How to Enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode [Android & iOS]

In order to get the Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger, you need to update the messenger app from Appstore/Play Store. If you have not updated the app, you might not get this feature on your device. So, make sure if you have updated Facebook Messenger on your Android & iOS.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Steps to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

  1. Launch Facebook Messenger on your Android or iOS

    This feature is available on both but make sure your Facebook Messenger is updated to the latest version.

  2. Open up a chat

    Just open any existing chat or start a new chat with anyone you want.

  3. Send a Moon Emoji 🌙

    Yes, its so simple that it feels so silly. Now you need to find and send this Moon Emoji 🌙 . The regular, left-facing crescent moon icon as seen below. Once sent, you will see moons falling from the chat that will indicate that you are doing it right.

    It will popup a box that says, “You Found Dark Mode!”. Tap “Turn on in Settings”. Enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

  4. It will open your Facebook Messenger’s profile but this time with Dark Mode option in it.

    You will see a dark Mode option, just enable it and hurray! You have finally enabled Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on your Android or iOS.Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

This is how you can enable the hidden dark mode feature of Facebook Messenger. This app looks pretty cool now and I am loving it. What are your thoughts about it?


How to Disable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode?

To disable it, Open your profile and you will see Dark Mode option in at at top or in the “Preferences” section. You can toggle on and off dark mode from there.
Toggle on and off Dark Mode

Is it available for every Android and iOS Smartphone?

Yes, this hidden feature is available for almost every Android device. Just make sure that Facebook Messenger is updated on your Android or iOS.

Why Dark Mode is hidden?

The possible reason for them to hide it like that is because this feature is still currently under work. They will hopefully let you see this dark mode option without going through this “moon sending emoji trick” in near future.

My Facebook Messenger is updated and still I can’t enable Dark Mode.

If you are an Android user, try to update the Facebook Messenger once again but this time by sideloading it.

If that doesn’t work, completely close your app, and try the method given above once again.

Still no luck? Try double-tapping the emoji. Try both methods. If still non of them works for you, then just wait for the Facebook to officially release this feature.


This is a wonderful feature to have. If you use Facebook Messenger a lot, it will help you read more easily without hurting your eyes and it looks cool as well. So it’s a win-win situation for users. If you want to add something in it, feel free to comment below.

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