How to Find and Restore Purchased Apps in Android

It’s pretty simple in Android Devices, to download an app you’ve already purchased using your Gmail Account. You don’t even need to remember the exact name of the app you’ve already purchased.

Gmail has an incredible feature to save your Last downloaded apps to its storage. This feature can be immensely annoying as if you have upgraded your device, you don’t want your previous unnecessary apps in your latest smartphone or restored your old device. On the other hand, you’ll still be able to have those when you sync your Gmail account in your android smartphone. However, It is always advised that you should export your Gmail Calendars, Gmail Contacts files, before changing your smartphone. Meanwhile, In case you have deleted your Old passwords in Google chrome, you need deleted emails in Gmail or accidentally deleted other useful stuff you can always get them back in your latest device by syncing your Gmail account. To clarify What exactly do we need the most?

Restore Purchased Apps in Android
How to Find and Restore Purchased Apps in Android

Find and Restore Apps:

In Gmail Account when you Download an app from Google Play Store, for instance, whether it’s a Free App or a Purchased app. It can easily be Installed across all your Devices. in which you have signed in using your Gmail account. Google confuse us at a point where many people got stuck as well, and that is what exactly you need to do? how to restore your paid apps in your device? In some cases, you are unable to search for different apps in your android device. Your Google Account uses different tactics to help you separate your apps you have paid for. Google account doesn’t include those Apps you have made purchases for.

Restore Purchased Apps:

Possibly if you need to search for an app you need to install on your new smartphone or you need to browse a long list of your apps within your Google account’s App Library which includes free apps in it as well. Above all, To address this misconception, there is a very Useful app called Purchased Apps. Basically this app lets you go through lists, that contain all the information of your all paid apps that you have Purchased and lets you restore them to any device.

Find and Restore Paid Apps:

Below we have clarified Complete strides on how to use this proficient app to get your paid applications back on your new device.  This App gives you a chance to let you view all your paid apps and restore them on the go. Most importantly, It also shows the cost of each app you have paid for in the Play store till now. This app doesn’t take much of your storage. Subsequently, Once you have access to the Purchased list of your app you can uninstall any unwanted apps that you further don’t want to see in near future.

How to Find and Restore Purchased Apps

Here’s the simple way to help you Find and Recover Your Purchases from Gmail. You’ll retrieve your Purchased Apps from your synced Gmail account. Also, Restore your contacts from your old or broken android device.

Follow the Step-By-Step Guide to Find and Restore Purchased Apps in your Android device:

  1. Make sure you have logged in to the Device using your Gmail Account with which you want to Restore Purchased Apps from.
  2. Launch the Play Store App.
  3. Simply Head towards the Search Bar and Type Purchased Apps in the search bar.
  4. You will find an app called “Purchased Apps (Restore your paid apps)” powered by
    Asapha Halifa.
  5. Launch the Purchased App and Choose the Account you want to restore a paid app from.
  6. A pop-up window will strike up. It will ask you for your permission. Grant it, your permission to access the PlayStore and you are set to go further.
  7. After this step you’ll be able to see a detailed list of all the apps you have paid for. Tap on the one Purchased App, that you need to restore.
  8. At the top right corner of your screen, you’ll see a button with which you can have access to App supports detailed filters and App sorting options.

That’s all folks! All your paid apps can be easily be found now. This will also restore the apps on your device. You’ll also see the cost you’ve paid for, mentioned next to every app in the list.


Now you have a list of all of your Purchased Apps in your android devices. This method is one of easiest to help you Find and Restore Purchased Apps. And that’s it. I hope this tutorial will helpful to Find and Restore Purchased Apps in android phone from your synced Gmail account. Do you have any other tips to Find and Restore Purchased Apps? Still Ran into problems? Reach us , Share with us your issues regarding this in  the comment section below. Don’t miss out our other useful android tips and tricks.


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