How to Fix Galaxy S10 Black Screen of Death Issue

Android’s normal range smartphones or Android’s Latest Flagship smartphones, there comes a time when they face a different kind of problems. You never know what you going to encounter next while using your Smartphone or any device. In the latest Samsung Galaxy S10, there’s a Problem which no one could be expecting in latest Flagships phones. Suddenly Samsung Galaxy S10 will display a black or blank screen. It is due to when something goes wrong with the firmware unless or until your Samsung Galaxy S10 has suffered physical damage that shattered the display of it. on the other hand, if it was a drone into the water for a long period of time or other issues. This whole process of going your screen blank is usually called Black Screen of Death BSOD. Black screen issues can be problematic since you won’t be able to see your Display screen at all. You can Fix BSOD in your Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, and S10e.

Fix Galaxy S10 Black Screen of Death Issue
How to Fix Galaxy S10 Black Screen of Death Issue
  • How do I fix a black screen on Samsung Galaxy S10?
  • What are the Symptoms of Black Screen of Death?
  • What are the main Causes of Black Screen of Death?
  • Recovering Data from Broken/Dead Android Device?

How do I fix a black screen on Samsung Galaxy S10?

The most important thing you need to know before going forward is Whether is it possible? will I be able to get access back to my device? because my phone is not even charging. it won’t respond to the charger at all.  nothing happened when I press to hold the power or volume buttons. How can I bring my dead Samsung Galaxy S10 to life?

 what will happen to the data inside?   The answer to all of these Question is YES you can fix Galaxy S10 Black Screen of Death issue. but first, you need to know the Symptoms of Black Screen of Death.

Symptoms of Black Screen of Death:

You should encounter the Black screen issue on your phone as soon as possible. If you leave your phone as it is wondering what could have happened to my smartphone then most probably your Android smartphone will become dead. Most importantly you will lose all of your personal data. These symptoms will help you recognize if your android smartphone is having a Black screen of death issue. So these are the symptoms of a Black screen of death.

  1. Your phone will start consuming more battery.
  2. The light of your Android Smartphone will keep flickering yet it won’t react.
  3. your phone will hang and freeze more frequently during the day.
  4. You will notice Your phone will respond strangely and it will perform restarts automatically.
  5. You’ll notice that after some time the number of restarts will increase.

Causes of Black Screen of Death:

Sometimes our Android phone is stuck at the Black Screen Issue without showing any message when you Power on your Device. Certainly, when using any App, your phone turns into a black screen All of a sudden. And the App stops responding. It’s Called BSOD. Fix BSOD.

Here are some common Causes of Black Screen issue:

  • Battery Drainage issue
  • Running a Third-party App
  • Over Heating Issues
  • Software Update
  • Root/ firmware crash

Apparently, Android’s version Oreo 8.0 isn’t immune to BSOD errors either, and some users reported this issue sometime after they updated their device.

Fix Galaxy S10 Black Screen of Death Issue:

Solution 1 – Perform a Soft Reset:

A soft reset is usually done when your phone is unresponsive. Soft reset your Galaxy S10 in order to make your device work efficiently.

1.Battery Charge:

Put your Samsung Galaxy S10 on Charge for like an hour.

2.Hold your Device and do the rest:

After getting charged your device. Hold your device firmly in your hands. Press and Hold the Volume Down button and Power Key at the Same time continuously for like 15 Second or Longer.


Your Samsung Galaxy S10 will Restart by now.

If the Above mentioned solution doesn’t work for you Consider underneath mentioned Solution to Black Screen of Death issue.

Solution 2 – Hard Force Restart:

This solution works on almost every latest Android device most of the time but if this doesn’t work then use the following steps mentioned below or perform a hard reset to your Galaxy S10:

  • Press and hold the volume down button first and don’t release it.
  • While holding the buttons, press and keep holding the power key too.
  • Now, keep both of the keys held down together for  Like 10 seconds or more than that.

On the off chance that it’s only because of a firmware crash. Install Stock Firmware to update your device. Your phone will restart by now. In short, in an event, that this method still not reacting, at that point proceed onward to another technique mentioned below:

Solution 3 – Start the Phone in Safe Mode:

  • Press and hold “Power button”
  • When the “Samsung” logo came up, release “Power button” and immediately press and hold “Volume down button”
  • After the phone finishes rebooting, release the keys instantly. subsequently, A “Safe Mode” watermark should be visible in the middle lower area of your phone’s home screen.

Recovering Data from Broken/Dead Android Device “Black Screen of Death Issue”:

Do you know that 40% of Samsung phones are broken each year! This is a rough estimate of the Broken phone analysis. As we all know the broken screen issue happens on a daily bases around the world. Hopefully, there are reliable solutions to avoid this frustration!

 it’s a typical practice that many recovery data available in the market failed to effectively extract Personal Data, Contacts and other useful data from broken Android Devices. That is to say, with an excellent tool and the correct procedures, you are permitted to easily recover your Data from any Android Device.

Are You Still Having Black Screen Issues?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Black Screen issues can be persistent and mysterious. If you’ve gone through all of the above-mentioned steps and you are still having issues, your next step Should be leaving your frustration here. Let us know about your successes, failures, and frustrations in the comments or Contact US Directly.


That’s it, I hope this article covered all Black Screen Issues of this annoying problem, and that it helped you in solving it.

If you have any other Samsung Galaxy S10 related issues or have an annoying problem with your Android Smartphone, you can check for the solution in our Android section Fix. Drop in a comment if you haven’t found any solution yet. We are here to respond back to you.

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