How to Permanently Stop Updates to Specific Android Apps

Tired of updating an app all the time? Want to continue using an app without the worry to update it? If so, this article is for you.

Android provides its users with the ability to have control over most of the settings of an app. Android gives its users access to Permanently Stop Updates to Specific Android Apps. App updates have their pros and cons. New updates are important because they protect the device from security vulnerabilities but sometimes the old version is better than the new one (in terms of interface or usability) so some users prefer to keep the old version without the need to update it. But they continuously get the notifications from the app which users found disturbing because as the number of apps on the device increases it exhaust your mobile data, drain battery power, slow down your device and so on.

Permanently Stop Updates to Specific Android Apps
How to Permanently Stop Updates to Specific Android Apps

Sometimes, without even looking at our mobile screen, we dismiss our notifications and then keep wondering what it was. Most importantly, some of these notifications don’t even appear in their respective apps. You can always View your Notification History on your Android Smartphone. The good thing is that we have the option to deal with this issue and Permanently Stop Updates to Specific Android Apps by following this guide.

You can turn off the auto updates for the apps in the Google Play Store. you can also
Find and Recover Your Purchased Apps in android. You’ll retrieve your Purchased Apps from your synced Gmail account. Also, Restore your contacts from your old or broken android device. You can also use a computer to change it by writing commands in command prompt but since it is very difficult, Google Play Store has provided built-in options to do this simple chore.

Using the Google Play Store option:

You can download and update apps from the Google Play Store in Android. It also has different option for the app. One of the option is to turn-off auto update. The method is given below:

  • Open the Google Play Store App
  • Select the options bar in the top left corner. A list of option will appear
  • Tap “My apps & games” option
  • Select installed apps and then select the app you want whose notifications you want to disable

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  • A window related to the content of the app will appear
  • On the top right corner, an option bar will appear. Press it
  • A checkbox named “Enable auto-update” will appear. Turn it off to disable updates

This will save you from updating an app. If you don’t want to change the behavior of the apps in terms of interface and also want to save yourself from updating it again and again, then you can you this feature. It is a cost-effective method of making an app static.
Notifications engage us in social situations happening around the world. But what if we receive our notifications late? This would lead us to a problem like communication barrier so every situation would be disordered, disorganized and messy. You can fix your Delayed Notification on Android.

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