Turn on an Android Phone with a Broken Power Button

Android lock/power button not working? It’s a common problem that happen at an inauspicious time. Here’s how to fix a Broken Power Button.

Every Android device has been prone to the power button, not working issues. The button at the side plate of your Android smartphones is commonly known as the power button, sleep button or shutdown button. We’ve discovered that plenty of Android users are facing this issue of an unresponsive power button. Most importantly, the Android isn’t immune from stuck power buttons either. consequently, if you have lost access to your device, or the power button is broken and you need to sell out your Android smartphone, you can always log out from any Android device.

There are certain times when our so-called power button ditches us in an auspicious event where we needed it the most. but it stops responding to us and doesn’t click at all. Above all, This can be really, really annoying because you can’t turn off your Android smartphone with a Broken Android Power Button, you are unable to take a screenshot, and, most frustratingly, you can’t put your Android smartphone to sleep.

Turn on an Android Phone with a Broken Power Button
Learn how to Turn on an Android Phone with a Broken Power Button

Robust Android Smartphones:

Nowadays Phones Like Samsung galaxy S10, S10 plus and S10e are pretty much robust. However, They have the capacity to survive even if they get dropped off, became wet and being used roughly. That is to say, Android Smartphones can survive longer than other devices, even if we use them robustly in our daily lives. Meanwhile, often when browsing through the internet if you face any kind of difficulty while loading your web pages consider enabling javascript.

In an event where your phone just accidentally stopped, not responding and the power button not working. For an instant, if fortunately, your phone is turned on, on the other hand, the power button is not responding to your requests. We’ve compiled in each problem and stated reasonable solutions to your common problems.

What to do if your Android Power Button not working?

Subsequently, Regardless of whether you have a Broken Power Button, or you simply would prefer not to press it often, there is an approach to turn your Android smartphone or tablet on and off without pressing the lock/Power button.

Sleep/Wake Button Replacement:


In conclusion, A bootloader is a sort of Application that runs as soon as you start up your phone. As a result, It tells the Android smartphone which of the programs are loading in the backend, certainly, to make your phone run easily.

If your phone is accidentally turned off and your power button not working as well you should try loading into android Bootloader method. The exact combination of this software depends on the phone make and model. You can be able to find it in the About phone section in your phone’s settings.


  1. On your Android Broken Power Button phone (when powered off)
  2. Press and Hold the Volume down button, while connecting it to the USB.
  3. The phone will load into Download Mode.
  4. Likewise, its essentially a bootloader stated with another name.
  5. After this, you’ll be able to turn on your android smartphone normally.
  6. You can always press volume down to cancel loading and entering into this mode.
  7. Your Android smartphone will boot normally with a Broken Power Button.

Turn On USB Debugging:

At any time if you feel that your power button is not working, or your Android smartphone has a Broken Power Button, the most important things you need to do right now is to turn ON USB debugging and Scheduled Power ON. Make sure you don’t lose access to your device, turn on your device by USB debugging.

The steps to enable developer options on Android Smartphone.

  1. Open your Settings from your android phone.
  2. Tap on Developer Options. If you don’t see Developer
  3. From the Home Screen of your android device Open Settings.
  4. Under Settings, Scroll Down to end and Tap on About device.
  5. From here locate Software info and Tap on it.
  6. You’ll see a build number option here. Moreover, Tap 7 times on the build number option until the developer option is enabled.
  7. You are now a developer”.
  8. Toggle Developer options ON to enable it.
  9. Find USB debugging and tap on it, to toggle this ON.

Use ADB:

After Enabling USB debugging, You are able to make your Android successfully connected to a computer. no screen touch is required during the whole process. ADB is used for android debugging. It can definitely turn on your device if it turned off and the power button is not working. This ADB function will only work if you have Enabled the Above mentioned USB Debugging.

In addition, you can use ADB after enabling USB Debugging.

  1. Download ADB from here and install it onto your computer.
  2. Connect your Android Smartphone to your PC via USB Cable.
  3. Open the folder where you installed ADB, From your Keyboard Press shift + right click and select Open command prompt here (Windows).
  4. Type ‘adb devices’ and Press Enter.
  5. Type ‘adb reboot’ and Click Enter.

This method won’t always work on every device. Different devices vary. To make this work on your phone, your phone needs to appear in the CMD window after Step 4. After this Step no. 05 will work for you.

If your phone is on, Instantly replace the power button with any remap app.

The Remap App Solution

Gravity Screen:

One of the best Remap app that can actually bring peace to your mind. Carrying the annoying broken power button, you can smoothly turn your Android’s screen off by placing it to the Table, inserting it in your pocket or just putting it on a flat surface. It can automatically Turn your screen off smoothly. Gravity Screen is highly recommended for all those people having a Broken Power Button. Gravity screen allows you to Customize your Parameters to your preferences.

Scheduled Power ON:

Latest Android Smartphones supports Scheduled Power ON/OFF. You can turn it ON by going into the settings to Power On and Power Off Settings Automatically. Similarly, If you have a Broken Power Button and your Device is shutdown then you can configure your settings and your device will boot up at a given scheduled time.

  • Go to Settings. Search for Scheduled power ON/OFF. Tap on the search bar to search for it.
  • Toggle Power ON from here.
  • Customize the settings and set the time you want it to power ON your device every day on the given time.

How to turn off Android Smartphone with a Broken Power Button?

You can turn off your android smartphone even if your power button is broken, too. To perform this task, tap the grey button from assistive touch, tap device and then tap and hold Lock Screen. This will bring up the usual power off function and you can be able to use the Power button touch function to power off.

After that, Don’t forget, though, that if you tried to turn off your android smartphone with a broken power button, during this process, you won’t be able to turn it back on unless you plug it into your computer or and perform USB Debug.

How to take a screenshot with a Broken Power Button?

Android’s latest versions are giving us access to encounter almost every possible thing. Right now on the top list of accessibility tray, Android gives us the perks to Take a screenshot directly from the Notification Tray.

From your home screen, where ever in your smartphone or within any app, you want to take a screenshot you can directly do it, by sliding down the notification tray.

From the top of your screen slide down> Click on Capture Screen and you are done. Your screenshot will be saved in your Gallery.

Which Worked Best for you?

Don’t hesitate to give this a shot on your Android Smartphone and let us know how it worked for you. We are sure that these methods will probably work best for you on numerous occasions. In short, You can always get back to us If you get stuck on any step while performing these methods. Comment in for further Queries.