How to Use Pay Later on Uber

Uber has been doing fruitful business in India, introducing the home-grown cab services, sharing service, startup Ola. This app allows you to Use Pay Later on Uber. Uber has now met the skies of success in India. Consequently, because it has not focused on its US strategy and has taken into account Indian explicit necessities. On the other hand, there are some specific features that Uber still lacks to cop. However, the greater issue that being the reason of lack is to Use Pay Later on Uber.

While the Ola app has got its own awesome feature to Use Pay Later on Uber, there are companies like Swiggy and Zomato that are tied up together. With this third-party app that allows you to Use the Pay Later option. Uber isn’t doing both of these things. Moreover, there is a way you can empower pay later option on Uber. Which enables you to take rides first and pay for them later. On the off chance that you are intrigued, here is the means by which you can utilize pay later on Uber. Use Pay Later on Uber and save your money for a specific period of time.

Use Pay Later on Uber
Learn How to Use Pay Later on Uber

Use Pay Later on Uber:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

You can use the feature of pay later option on uber to provide users the seamless way to pay later. follow this step by step guide.

  1. Download and Setup:

    Download and Install the ePayLater App from Playstore. Sign up for this app and fill in all your necessary credentials and credit details for the registeration process.

  2. Setup UPI:

    On the bottom right corner Go to Profile section and Setup UPI. It will generate a UPI that connect with your ePayLater account.

  3. Add Payment Method:

    Next, Open Uber and go to the Payment menu. Click on the Add Payment Method.

  4. Linking Existing Payment Address:

    When you are here, Choose UPI and Tap on Link Existing Payment Address.

  5. ePayLater UPI address

    Next up, Here you can enter your ePayLater UPI address and tap right here on the Save button. To validate your new payment address here; Click on Continue. It will then charge your ePayLater account with 1 rupee.

  6. Enter the OTP:

    You will now receive a quick notification from the “ePay Later” app. That will let you know about the charge amount. Tap on the notification. Next, enter the OTP sent to your mobile phone.

  7. Updated ePayLater UPI address:

    Now you can go back to your Uber App. Tap on the close button. Your ePayLater UPI address will now be added to your Uber account. Finally, book your Uber ride and select the ePayLater UPI address feature as your payment method.

  8. Pay Amount Through ePayLater App:

    After the end of each ride, you will get a notice to pay the sum of amount through the ePayLater app. Enter the OTP and the amount will be deducted from your ePayLater account.

  9. Due Date of Pay Later on Uber:

    All your Uber due amounts will show up in app ePayLater. You can pay the amount within the next 14 days without any deductions or charges.

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Do you know:

Uber has collaborated with PayPal-owned Venmo to give individuals a chance to pay for the rides they take and their food by means of UberEATS with the funds in their Venmo account. As indicated by the organizations, in excess of six million installments referenced Uber in the most recent year. The joining will likewise empower individuals to effectively part the cost of food orders and rides with friends inside the Uber app. you can Use Pay Later on Uber to enjoy your ride and your food at the same time. Venmo is the best app to use beside the signal leading app uber.


Meanwhile, in this scenario, Before we wrap up Here’s a little piece of information.

ePayLater and Pay Later on uber isn’t just about being short on cash it’s also becoming a neccessity to ride without any hassle of giving money when you are rushhing to somewhere. Everyone wants to have a hasssle free service in almost everything but if you use Uber daily you should use this feature to enjoy and make your uber experience less hassle free. Did you use uber with ePayLater app? how was your experience? Let us know. If you found this article worth reading? Give it a thumbs up or comment below for further queries.


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