Download Aptoide Apk – Play Store Alternative for Huawei

Huawei is touching the heights of success by its wide range of smartphones that have become an increasingly popular choice of everyone. As if we talk about tech lovers around the world or normal people with a little amount of money Huawei is the notable exception of the US. If we state the truth this company sells more smartphones than Samsung or any other company.

Huawei Latest News:

There comes the biggest strange and quite shocking news for millions of Huawei users when Google declared and announced that it was restricting and confining access to a large number of its apps. An outcome of an official order banning US firms from Providing and supplying services to Chinese Smartphone manufacturers.

As we compare it with Samsung phones, Huawei smartphones run Google’s Android operating system in their gadgets. As a result which means that many Huawei users who depend on popular Google apps such as Maps, Youtube, Gmail, and the Chrome browser will no longer have access to get any latest updates. However, Samsung users don’t need to stress things out.

While these apps won’t vanish from Huawei user’s phones, Huawei owners may never again have the option to use Google’s Play services. Means no Latest updates! But Here’s Huawei the Game Changer.

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Huawei The Game Changer:

Rumors says that Huawei Shakes Hands with Aptoide. IT won’t be bad if Huawei do so. Some of the Official news are that” Huawei has been working hard on developing its own AppGallery (AppStore) and other software assets in a similar manner to its work on chipset solutions.” Ben Woods, Chief of Researcher at CCS Insight, announced at TechRadar.

Huawei is a powerful company and like every company, it has made up its long-term strategies to cope with this type of situation. To clarify situations like this where hostile action from the US government has been taken Huawei had his strategies from the start. It’s consumer supervisor Richard Yu recently unveiled that they’ve developed and built its own alternatives to Android and Windows.

Huawei replacing Google Play store with Aptoide on Huawei devices:

While the US Government decided to annoy Huawei, at that point they are already ready for a battle. The company declared that the had been working for this type of situation for more than 6 years.  Huawei has already developed its own OS, and currently working on it with Aptoide. They are planning to Replace Google Play Store with Aptoide on their Huawei devices.

This statement got officially unveiled when the CEO of Aptoide Paulo Trezentos when he shared his views about this news. He also declared that nothing is yet finalized. As we all know that Aptoide is a Portugal based company and the ban does not influence them.

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Huawei has its own application store however, called the Huawei App Gallery. It is misty right now whether Huawei will execute Aptoide into their current App Store, or will proceed and provide it as a different or alternate app.

Download Aptoide Apk – Play Store Alternative for Huawei

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Since you realize that Aptoide is soon gonna shake hands with Huawei and Honor Smartphones, at that point why pause? You can install Aptoide it right now. Here’s the Step by Step guide with which you can Download Aptoide Apk – Play Store Alternative for Huawei Devices.

  1. Download Aptoide Apk:

    Download the Apk. [DOWNLOAD APK | Official Website]

  2. Copy the Aptoide Apk:

    Copy the Aptoide Apk File to your Phone.
    PC: For this, you need to Plug in your Device with your PC with your Data Cable and Copy Paste the Aptoide Apk to your Mobile Drive.
    Smartphone: Open the above-mentioned link directly by using Chrome browser or any other Browser in your Phone and Simply the Apk File to your Smartphone.

  3. File Manager:

    By using your Smartphone, Go to your File Manager> Search for Aptoide Apk > Launch the Aptoide Apk and Install it.

  4. Follow Along:

    Follow up all the instructions, Install and give access to this app to utilize this incredible App.

  5. Launch the Aptoide:

    From your App Drawer Search for Aptoide and Launch Aptoide.

You can now have access to use almost every App that you used to have in Google Play Store. Start downloading apps of your choice. Further with Aptoide and Huawei’s collaboration, we would like you to know that these above statements are not officially declared. Whether Huawei actually did shake hands with Aptoide or not? This Question must be popping up in your head. Instead of focusing on the rumors we must get for alternates. We should sit back relax and wait and watch what Huawei has got in his hands for us.

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