Download Gmsanzhuangqi APK – GMS Installer for Chinese Phones

Google Mobile Services AKA GMS is your weapon to fight against the absence of GMS in your Chinese phone. Unfortunately, smartphones that are being manufactured in China doesn’t have the Google mobile services by default. However, if you need Play Store, Play services, or any other applications from Google, the first thing you need to do is install Google Mobile Services in your Android device. Many websites offer links to Download Gmsanzhuangqi APK but few of them work. In this article, we’ll state the resources to Download Gmsanzhuangqi APK, GMS Installer for your Chinese Phones. With the help of given steps below, you can Download Gmsanzhuangqi APK – GMS Installer for Chinese Phones.

Download Gmsanzhuangqi APK - GMS Installer for Chinese Phones
Download Gmsanzhuangqi APK – GMS Installer for Chinese Phones

Why the need of Installing GMS Installer occur?

Buying a new Smartphone for your self isn’t a big deal until or unless you fully understand its requirements and needs to work in the long run. At first, everything seems to be work just fine for you when you buy a new device.

The major issue occurs when there’s the absence of anything from your Smartphone device. with absence, we would like to state here the Absence of GMS if you are having a Chinese Android phone. In these China made phones you have to Download GMS installer package to run the Google Play store and Play services Google Apps. Moreover, as we all know that China has restricted the utilization of Google services in China. In order to run these apps, you need to Install GMS installer. You can Download Gmsanzhuangqi APK – GMS Installer for Chinese Phones with our guide below.

Pre-Requisites for Installing the GMS Installer:

  • There comes the most significant part, you need to install two installers to install the Play Store on your phone.
  • One is the GMS installer that you need to install.
  • Another one is the Google Installer.
  • You need to have these two in order to Enjoy Google Apps.

GMS Installer brings the Google Mobile Services and the GMS installer which provides the Google Mobile Services. Google Installer provides the Play Services, Play Store, Google Play Music, Google Calendar, Google Drive and all other basic Google apps for an Android phone.

Download Gmsanzhuangqi APK – GMS Installer

Time needed: 4 minutes.

with the below mentioned steps you can easily Download Gmsanzhuangqi APK – GMS Installer for Chinese Phones. Follow Along:

  1. Download The GMS Installer:

    Download the GMS GMSanzhuangqi APK – Download from here.

  2. Copy the Apk:

    Copy the APK file of GMS Installer to your Smartphone.

  3. Allow Unknown Sources:

    Allow the unknown sources in your phone to begin the download.
    To Allow unknown sources Go to your Phone’s Settings> Security & Privacy> Allow Unknown sources.

  4. File Manager:

    Go to Files Folder in your Phone or any File manager you use. In the File Manager Search for
    GMSanzhuangqi and Install it.

  5. Google Installer:

    Important: you need to install the Google Installer as well along with
    GMSanzhuangqi APK. After installing it install Google Installer.

Install Google Installer Apk:

  1. Download Google Installer APK file on your device.
  2. Go to your Smartphone’s Settings → About Phone → Tap 7 times on Build Number and activate “Developer Options.”
  3. Now, In Developer Options → Allow Mock Location, and enable it.
  4. On your Android device, go to Settings → Security →Unknown Sources (Enable it from here).
  5. From here, locate the already downloaded apk file in the storage and install it.
  6. Now, Launch the app.
  7. Here, You will see a blue circle tap on it.
  8. Then. Click on the yellow circle.
  9. Now from here, install the Google Services Framework on your smartphone.
  10. Tap on to the Red button on your screen.
  11. Now, Accept Terms, conditions and allow all permissions.
  12. Done! You have made your Android phone ready to install Google Apps.

The above-mentioned steps are the same for all the China ROM / China Made devices. You Should use ES Explorer to locate the Installer apk. If you are unable to find the apk.

Important Note: We recommended you to install Google Play Services first and other related Apps and then go back with the traditional Google Maps and Play Store apps.

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Subsequently, as you most likely are aware, once you get Google Play Store and Google Play Services running on your Huawei Chinese, You can get any app you need. As you may have thought there are various applications that are not from Google. However, rather they require Play Services for appropriate working for the third party apps.

Wrap up:

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