How to Fix Galaxy S10 GPS Accuracy Issues

Nowadays pretty much every smartphone has GPS AKA Global Positioning System. Galaxy Smartphones series has also got the latest GPS but it lags some issues like when you connect and use the GPS with any other app as Uber and Google map somehow from the middle of nowhere it takes you on the wrong destination and shows you inaccurate results. Its because the Galaxy S10 is unable to show the exact navigation to a place. At first, people thought its because of the latest update of the Google Maps but no it’s not. It’s actually the Galaxy S10 that’s bugging you off. The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10 E users have been reported this issue. Although we have Got solution to fix Galaxy S10 GPS accuracy issues but first know something about GPS.

Fix Galaxy S10 GPS Accuracy Issues

GPS can be paired and work together with a navigation app like Google Maps, Uber, and other similar apps. they are useful for finding an accurate destination for you.

Unfortunately, not all GPS sensors perform so well. There are many problems faced while using a GPS such as signal problems, weak signal or a complete dropout in your internet connection, could literally leave you lost.

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On the off chance, you need to improve the GPS signal on your Galaxy S10, and fix Galaxy S10 GPS accuracy issues, here are some tips that may help. Remember that this method may vary on different Android devices. So, it might be possible that some of the steps will be slightly different on your device. Let’s look at the steps below to Fix this clutter.

Method no-1

Fix Galaxy S10 GPS accuracy issues

  1. On your Galaxy S10, go to Settings.
  2. In Settings > Go to> Biometrics and Security.
  3. Now go to Location > Improve accuracy.
  4. Then, Turn on options for both Bluetooth and WIFI.

Your phone will now consume more  battery to bring an accurate location to your way.

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Method no- 2

Activate High Accuracy on your Android Smartphone

  • Go to your phone’s Settings > Location
  • Here, Tap on “Mode
  • Tap on “High accuracy”

Method no- 3

Soft Reset and fix Galaxy S10 GPS accuracy issues

It’s a normal restart but with a different method.

Press and Hold Volume Down & Power Button for 10 seconds.

If it’s taking you longer then 10 seconds, it’s totally fine, just don’t let go of those buttons until your device restarts on its own.

Method no-4

Fix GPS Accuracy with Third-party App

  • Download an application from the Google play store.
  • Go to Play store and Search for “GPS Status and toolbox” to help increase your GPS accuracy in an efficient way.

Still having this issue?

If you’re still facing some issues regarding this after setting the accuracy to High and downloading the GPS Status app as well, it might be possible it’s a hardware problem that is messing up with your GPS antenna. Consider sending your Galaxy S10 for repair through your carrier or taking it to a repair shop if this issue still exists.

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