Fix Galaxy S10 Instagram Mode Disappeared from Camera App

There are a bunch of minor Errors with which Galaxy S10 has been welcomed by us. Samsung Galaxy S10 is turning into an Error Trash basket. It’s not been a long time since its launched, every now and then Galaxy S10 owners report issues. Third-party apps are also playing its role pretty well in hyping up these errors and issues. These are being the culprits. Focusing on the latest features it gives us lets now focus on one of its cliché feature people are talking about.

Reports: Samsung Galaxy S10 Instagram Mode Disappeared from Camera App

  it wasn’t any third-party app that was being corrupted it was Instagram.

Recently, Galaxy S10 owners reported that they’ve lost Instagram Mode in their camera application. All of a sudden, the Instagram Mode disappeared and left them wondering what exactly happened. Samsung Galaxy S10 Owners were able to enjoy the perks of Instagram App directly from their S10 Camera App but now after the recent Instagram Update S10 Users has lost the direct access to Instagram with their Mobile Camera App.

Features of Galaxy S10 Instagram Mode in Camera App:

Instagram Mode in S10 Camera app is a great workout for bloggers and photographers. To update and take pictures using Instagram on the Go. With this, we mean that when you open your Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera app you see Instagram Icon next to Food icon. By this feature within your Camera app, you can take the appreciate size Ratio pictures for your Instagram app directly by your camera app. When you shoot a picture using Instagram Mode you don’t have to Zoom in, crop out this image. It can be uploaded on your Instagram as it is.

But the Instagram Mode Disappeared from Camera App after the recent Instagram Update. It’s a very common problem nowadays faced by Galaxy S10 owners. Here are some things to try to help you find the missing Camera in your Instagram App. Enjoy the Instagram Mode disappeared from Camera App and experience taking some incredible pictures by using your Galaxy S10.

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Fix Galaxy S10 Instagram Mode disappeared from Camera App:

There are some 3 solutions to your problem try any of these. But fix no.1 will surely work for you. If in any case, it doesn’t try moving forward to fix any 2 below.

Fix 1- Update Instagram App

  1. From your Galaxy S10, open up App Drawer.
  2. Now, Uninstall the Instagram application.
  3. Go to  Play Store and search for Instagram.
  4. Next, Install it again in your Galaxy S10.
  5. After this, Login into your Instagram Account by filling in your login credentials.
  6. In the end, open your Camera application.

Here, you will have your Instagram Mode back again.

Fix 2- Soft Reset Galaxy S10

  • Press and Hold Volume Down & Power Button for 10 seconds.

If it’s taking you longer then 10 seconds, it’s totally fine, just don’t let go of those buttons until your device restarts on its own.

Fix 3-  Clear Apps Cache

  1. Go to your Samsung S10’s Settings.
  2.  Search for Apps from this menu.
  3.  Tap on Apps.
  4.  From the upper left Select all the Apps.
  5.  In the upper right Tap on Drop Down icon, then select all apps.
  6.  Locate the app you need to Clear cache.
  7.  Tap on Apps icon.
  8.  Tap on Storage Option.
  9.  Finally, Tap on Clear Cache from here.

Note: Clear Cache options vary in some Apps

Fix 4- Install Google Camera

Follow our complete guide on Install Google Camera on Galaxy S10, S10 Plus & S10e.

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