How to fix Galaxy S10/S10 Plus poor battery life

Not long ago Samsung came out with their flagship phones, which were Samsung S10 with 3,400 mah and Samsung s10 plus, with 4,100 mah fairly large battery packs. Powering their smartphone systems. Regardless of whether battery life is great, yet you simply need more or you’re discovering it. Especially intense to get past the day without being tensed for charging your phone over and over again. There are things you can do, to take advantage of that battery, as well as fix Galaxy S10/S10 Plus poor battery life.

fix Galaxy S10/S10 Plus poor battery life
fix Galaxy S10/S10 Plus poor battery life

How long does battery life on Galaxy S10/S10 Plus lasts?

Fairly large battery packs mean that at least you would be getting a day worth of battery with medium to get strong usage of your smartphone. As technology is advancing in smartphone fairly the battery wouldn’t last to consistent updates, widgets notifications and normal function that helps make the phone easily accessible. There are no hard and fast rules as being such a common issue, solutions may vary.

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Fix Galaxy S10/S10 Plus poor battery life:

To deal with the battery issues there are some useful tips and tricks you can use to make your smartphone’s battery last for a day.

  1. Turn Off Always on Display:

    First of all, what you can do is to Configure and Turn off Always on Display, for doing that you need to:
    Go into your phones setting.
    Lock screen, after that tap, on Always on display to change its settings.
    Turning it entirely off will be a bit too extreme consider keeping it on tap to show as it will restrict its time to 30 seconds.

  2. Turning your brightness to the lowest:

    Turning your brightness to the lowest will also help you keep your battery healthy and will also not harm your eyes and it keeps the information readily readable.

  3. Use Dark theme and Dark mode:

    Using Dark theme and Dark mode will use less color on the background hence using less battery for on-screen time can save your battery life of Galaxy S10/S10 Plus.

  4. Uninstall unwanted App:

    Deleting unnecessary apps uninstall apps that once you just saw, downloaded from google store and then you never used them, Delete them. This will help in keeping less load on the background. Hiding Apps in the app drawer can also help in a way of saving battery life.

  5. Never use both Mobile Data and Wifi Simultaneously:

    Always keep switching between wifi and mobile data when moving around never use both mobile data and wifi simultaneously. As a result, using both will drain the battery, as they keep switching according to the reception of the internet. So if you are outside use mobile data, turn off wifi, when home turn mobile data off, use wifi and accordingly.

  6. Clear Cache:

    Clearing cache also means cleaning the brain of your device.
    There are many reasons in the slow performance issue’s list but One of the primary reasons is caching. We are aware of the fact that once we use something for a while we get bored. for example, we install games and uninstall them right away after spending the 5 minutes of our lives or less. But who knows where the residual files of that particular app have gone? Speed up your Galaxy S10/S10 Plus.
    Their residual files are in your Device system. This may make your Samsung galaxy s10 slow in performance. Clearing cache often helps keep less load on the background as corrupted files and software may get cleared up from the system, for that you need to access stock or perform custom recovery. But before performing these actions beware that you may end up having a bricked device. Unbrick Galaxy S10.S10 Plus here.
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  7. Healty Charging Habits:

    Other than that DO not use power banks and always charge your phone over 90% battery life, for this you need to adapt health charging habits and that includes charging your phone over 90% and don’t let it drain further than 5%. Do not use power banks as they do not have the same tendency to charge the phone as a power socket which may also harm your smartphone’s battery life.

  8. Battery Calibration:

    Lastly an advance option you can opt is battery calibration for instance you using your mobile and your mobile battery is 15% and suddenly it turns off it means your smartphone and battery are not playing on the same side. For that, you need to calibrate your battery and for that try using this on your s10 and s10 plus.
    Dial *#0228# on your phone.
    It is the Battery Status window.
    Tap on Quick Start and press OK in next pop up.
    Restart the phone after it’s completed.
    Now drain your phone back to 0% and then let it charge while turned off to 100%. (VERY IMPORTANT).

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Hope there above mentioned solutions works out for you in the best way.


It all depends on the usage of the user on smartphone and how carefully they respect their device. Although many people when buying a smartphone these days expect that the battery would last a day. Sadly without knowing people smartphone deliberately loose battery due to enhanced app notification, adaptability function, and heavy graphics games. We have summed up every single imaginable purpose behind poor battery life on both S10 and S10+. We hope they work out well for you.

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