How to Fix Action Blocked on Instagram

We are surprised to see you here. Have you been blocked from Instagram? Are you unable to like, post, comment or follow? These are the signs that you are blocked on Instagram. Today, we will talk about what steps you can make to Fix Action blocked on Instagram, How long a Block lasts and what you can do to prevent a block in the future.

Action Blocked on Instagram

What’s New?

An incredibly popular app among youngsters. Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform that has over 1 billion monthly users. Applications that are dark mode supported always look eye-catching. Now, Instagram Dark Mode is available for your mobile devices. To clarify, you can also check our other articles about Dark Mode on Facebook and YouTube. However, With such a significant number of individuals utilizing the application, Instagram has had to privilege its users to make sure people are using it securely, effectively and according to the rules and regulations. As a result, when Instagram suspects suspicious action, they may rapidly block your account. meanwhile try using it gently.

Action Block on Instagram:

An action is an activity that you do on Instagram. For instance, if you follow someone, comment on somebody’s posts or like somebody’s post these are called Actions on Instagram. However, when your action winds up blocked by Instagram, you will not be able to like any post by anyone, comment or follow anyone on Instagram. Moreover. These are the actions by Instagram to make sure that the platform doesn’t get spammy and full of junk.


For instance, there can be numerous reasons why you have your activity hindered on Instagram. As a result, you might not have deliberately done anything against Instagram’s community Rules and regulations. However, that won’t stop them from blocking you if your action appears to be suspicious.

Several reasons to why you’ve gotten blocked on Instagram:

  1. leaving too many comments on posts
  2. Too many likes in a short period
  3. leaving lame comments without any intention
  4. Similar comment again and again
  5. Following too many people suddenly
  6. suddenly unfollowing people
  7. Newly active Insta account and being too active (something’s fishy)

Normally, these are the activities which can make you suspicious and it can block you temporarily from Instagram

Fix Action Blocked on Instagram

Time needed: 5 minutes.

There are a few different ways you can do to unblock your self from Instagram and Fix Action Blocked on Instagram. While these aren’t ensured to work, they can surely help you in many ways.

  1. Unlink your self from Third-Party Apps:

    Instagram doesn’t allow many third-party applications for use. Applications that send you phony likes or perform different ghost activities on your behalf, (for example, giving likes, leaving comments and following anonymous people), ought to be unapproved and blocked quickly. Subsequently, this can be a reason of your blocked account. Unlink yourself from any Third-party app you use in order to gain unauthorized benefit from Instagram.

  2. Unauthorize yourself from Third-Party apps:

    The first thing you need to do is unauthorize your self from third-party apps. You can’t do this inside the Instagram app. you first need to log in to your Instagram account from any computer or laptop. Go to Here you’ll see a list of apps that you have allowed access to. Click the “Revoke Access” button to unauthorize yourself from these apps- underneath each app.

  3. Use Another Mobile:

    Try using another device such as try to log in to your Instagram account from a computer or a different mobile. You can try logging in to your account on another device such as your computer or a different phone. As a result, if Instagram has already blocked your IP address, logging in Instagram from another smartphone won’t help, which leads us to our next steps.

  4. Report to Instagram:

    On the off chance that you trust yourself that you haven’t done anything wrong, you can report the issue to Instagram. Head into your Instagram settings and hit on “Help” > Report a Problem.
    You need to fill up a form here. Fill in your credentials and mention what actually happened.

  5. Switch to Mobile Data:

    If Instagram has blocked your IP address then you can try switching to your Mobile Data to Check the Action Blocked. You can also Turn on your VPN and log into your Instagram account, but somehow it doesn’t always work.

  6. Sit Back and wait:

    On the off chance that none of the above-mentioned methods works, you should sit back and wait until the ban is left out. Try not to attempt many like, comment or follow anybody during this time. Stop all action on Instagram, sit back and wait for your account to become unblocked.

  7. Contact Instagram Help Centre:

    Contact Instagram’s Help Centre and try your luck for the last time. Write in your query and wait for their response.

Things to Avoid:

In the end try to take extra care of your actions on Instagram. Instagram has the right again to block you if they suspect any suspicious activity from your account. Try to these things to save your Instagram account.

  • Avoid using any Third-Party App.
  • No Bot Like-Behaviour.
  • Say No to Spammy comments.
  • Do not Follow/unfollow rapidly.

If you know any other method to fix the ‘Action blocked’ on Instagram, kindly let us know in the comments below.