How to Use Memoji on Android Devices

All the iOS users are well aware of Memoji or Animoji. These are basically the self-created stickers which allow you customize them with your own will. You can dress; select face, jewelry and much more according to your taste to make them look like yourself. Unfortunately, Android devices do not have the luxury of these stickers which creates a void among all Android Users. Now, you can also use Memojis on your Android devices specifically Whatsapp. In this article, we will let you know that how to Use Memoji on Android Devices.

How to Create Memoji?

As you all know that, only iOS supports the memoji on their devices which is quite amazing and fun to use while chatting with your friends. It is very easy to customize Memoji on your iPhones. All you need to do is to follow all the steps given below.

Use Memoji on Android Devices
  • Open the messenger application
  • Press the monkey icon and by scrolling to right you will find option of Memoji
  • Create Memoji of your own taste
  • After creating your customized character, sticker pack will be created automatically

How to Use Memoji on Android Devices

As Android devices do not support the Memoji on their applications except on Snapchat through bitmoji, it is quite disappointing for Android Users.  There is a possible way to use these Memoji on whatsapp. So, if you are an Android User and want to use Memoji on Whatsapp then you are the right place. It is not that difficult to use customized stickers on Whatsapp but a simple trick can make you to use them on your Android devices.


To use Memoji on Android on Whatsapp you need to get an iPhone. You can borrow from your friend, if you are not having one. Now, open the Messenger and create Memoji according to your own taste. This will create the Stickers of you own customized Memoji and then start sending all of them or whichever you want to use to your Android Phone.

Now, open your Android Phones’ Whatsapp Messenger. You have received the Memoji which you have sent from the iPhone. Click on each and every sticker and save them by adding into the favorites. Basically, you cannot use these stickers from your keyboard because they have not in-built option for Android devices. Whatsoever, you can use them by adding into the favorites and can surprise your friends.

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