How to Cancel Stadia Pro Subscription

If you are enjoying Free two-months Trial of Stadia Pro and now want to cancel the subscription before it starts charging you 10 dollars a month, then you are at the right place. Google Stadia is an amazing online platform where you can play high-end games on Google Chrome and even on your Smartphones as well. The pricing of this service is fair but this is not for everyone. I mean Google Stadia is not for everyone. It’s a wonderful solution to play high-end game but it requires a decent internet connection.

If you are going to cancel the Stadia Pro Subscription, make sure you know that you will lose any game that you have played for free in this trial. So, if the games you have at your library for free, really means a lot to you, then it’s better not to unsubscribe yet. You will only loose the games with which you had a free access of. Any game that you have bought will remain the same.

Read the article ahead to learn a way to easily cancel Stadia Pro Subscription on a web version and app.

Cancel Stadia Pro Subscription from Android, iPhone or iPad

If you have Stadia app installed on your Android, iPhone or iPad, then you can even cancel the subscription via app with few simple steps.

Open the app on your Smartphone. Make sure the app is updated to its latest version. Now Tap your Avatar located at the top-right corner of the app.

Now from here you look for and tap the “Purchases & subscriptions” button.

From here you will see your Stadia Pro membership.  Tap the “Cancel Subscription” button.

This app will give you every information that will happen if you cancel the subscription.

Read it thoroughly and then Tap “Yes, cancel” button.

Your subscription will now be canceled after your current billing period. This is all you need to do in order to cancel Stadia Pro Subscription from your Smartphone.

Cancel Stadia Pro Subscription from Chrome

To cancel the membership from your Chrome browser, you need to open and Login to your account.

Now click your avatar located at the top right corner of the website.

From here, click “Stadia settings”.

In the setting menu, you need to find and click “Purchases & subscriptions”.

From here you will see your Stadia Pro membership under Subscriptions heading. Click “Unsubscribe”.

It will ask your confirmation if you really want to cancel the subscription, click “Yes, cancel” and you are good to go.

This is all you need to do in order to cancel Google Stadia Pro membership. If you have still some time left before next billing, you can still get access to everything in case you change your mind.

Make sure you know that if you cancel the subscription, you will loose access to all the free games but the paid games will be there even if you subscribe later. Fortunately, your membership will be canceled after your current billing. if you change your mind within that time period, you can re-subscribe and get access to those free games along with improved streaming.

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