How to convert HEIC, HEIF Images to JPEG on Android

Worried about how to see a HEIC photo taken with an iOS 13 iPhone from a friend? Do Android enabled phones simply refuse to open HEIC. This is true. The only way out to open HEIC photos on Android phones (Samsung, Huawei, LG, etc) is to convert HEIC, HEIF Images to JPEG on Android. Here this guide, that is going to help you out by introducing the best tool to convert HEIC, HEIF Images to JPEG on Android in 2019.

How to convert HEIC, HEIF Images to JPEG on Android

Some Facts about HEIC and HEIF:

HEIC represents High-Efficiency Image Format, and, as the name proposes, is an increasingly streamlined approach to store images by saving up your storage space. ITs not a big deal to convert HEIC to JPEG files. So consequently, Utilizing the latest features, iOS enables advanced photos to be made in a smaller size. In other words, All while holding the picture’s original quality than Jpeg.

HEIF that is known as (High-Efficiency Image File, often pronounced heef). HEIF is actually a file format for single images and image series. Originally, It was developed by some experts. Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) introduced these file formats. HEIF format is basically used by Apple is known as a modern replacement for JPEG files. The main purpose of HEIF formats is to produce images with smaller file sizes and excellent quality. That’s why this amazing feature is now known by the world. Now android users are getting frustrated as they are not able to open HEIC, HEIF file formats in their android devices. So follow this guide to get yourself out from this frustration and open HEIC, HEIF files in your Android phones. Follow this guide to learn more about How to convert HEIC, HEIF Images to JPEG on Android.

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Requirements for Conversion:

These are the requirements to convert HEIC and HEIF to JPEG on android. You need to Download and Install one of the following Converters on your Android device for further process.

  • HEIC to JPG Converter-Download LUMA
  • HEIC to JPG Converter- Download Free
  • Total Media Converter (HEIC to JPG – JPG to HEIC)-Download
  • Free Image Converter-Download

Convert HEIC, HEIF Images to JPEG on Android:

Follow the below-mentioned steps. Remember the steps are the same for other apps as well.

Step# 1 Install and Open the Image Converter of your choice. You can open any of the following mentioned above.

Step#2 After opening the app, add your HEIC image file to the Converter. Tap on to the “+” button and add the HEIC image for the conversion process.

Step#3 From here, set up the Output Quality and go on further to format the image.

Step#4 You can go to the Convert Tab in the app. You can set the output quality and the output format along with it. It can be JPG or JPEG.

Step#5 Click on to the convert button and you are on your way to convert the image. The converted image will be saved in your Phone’s gallery and get it in the Gallery.

HEIC to JPEG without any software:

In the event that you would prefer not to install any software and waste your time, you can always go for an online converter HEIC to JPEG (tool). Simply upload the HEIC file and you’ll be able to download a JPEG file in no time.

Warning: While the online converter website worked superbly fine for us, we strongly don’t recommend you to upload any private photos (or documents, or videos) to online tools for conversion.

Quick Conversion from PC:

In the same vein, you want to do a quick conversion, head to  HEIC to JPEG Online converter and upload up to 50 photos at a time. In Addition, drag and drop one or more HEIC files from your computer to the web page to convert.

If you simply need to convert rapidly an image. Head to You can easily transfer up to 50 photographs at a time. You can move one or more files from your PC to that website. After the conversion process is complete, You can download the subsequent JEPG file from the page.

What’s NEXT?

Hopefully in near future more apps, including Adobe Photoshop, windows photo viewer will take over HEIF pictures and HEIC documents. For now, you’ll have to depend on third-party applications like this.