How to Create Online Tournaments with Facebook Gaming

Facebook gaming rolled out some more features and you are going to love it. Due to lockdown, it’s best if you could create an online event sitting from your home. Now everyone can create their own esports tournaments with few clicks. If this excites you, then you should lean to create online tournaments with Facebook Gaming by following our guide.

Learn how to Create Online Tournaments with Facebook Gaming

In Facebook gaming, gamer can create and expand their community and even as a viewer, you can watch all the gaming video especially personalized for you. Now recently, they have added a feature to create your own personal esports tournament and the mean to manage it professionally. You can create a Public tournament and even private tournaments as well. If you find this interesting, let me guide you in a simple step-by-step manner.

Create Online Tournaments with Facebook Gaming

This guide is for Web version of Facebook. You need to have a laptop or computer for this guide. Open any browser. Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account.

Now head to From here, click “Create Tournament Event” at the top portion of the page.

It will allow you to create a Tournament Event. In an event, you can conduct one or more than one gaming tournament. To create your first tournament, click “Add Tournament” button.

It will ask you to write down all the detail of a Tournament. From here, you can select bracket system, write rules, add a date, time and add additional options according to your preference. Once done click “Save” button. This will allow you to create on tournament for an event.

Now if you want to create more tournament, you can click again on “Add Tournament” button.

Now you can do the same as the previous steps to create another tournament. Once done, hit save and proceed further.

Go down a little, from there you will find a heading saying Tournament Event Details. Now you need to fill all of it. Make sure you have selected the Online Tournament option. Now write event name along with its detail including description and date. Also add an attractive photo to catch participant’s attention.

If the tournament is big and you don’t want to handle it alone, there is an option that says “Add Co-Hosts”. It will allow you to add people that want in order to help you with this tournament. Add any trusted friend.

After that, you can select the privacy of this tournament event. You can make it private or public. It’s all up to you. Once done, click “Create Tournament Event” and you are good to go. You have successfully create your very own online Tournament.

It will take you to your event page. From here you can invite people, add posts for your events and even edit the event settings again if you want to. This is what the event panel will look like.

If you have been thinking. Why my Facebook design is different and why it’s dark. Don’t worry I am not using any extension to make it happen. This is New Facebook interface which allow users to turn on the Dark Mode as well. Pretty sleek, right?

If this guide helped you, make sure to share it with your friends & family as well. Got stuck somewhere, ask us anything in the comment section below.