How to download movies and shows from Disney Plus

From the very first day, Disney+ has gained the attention of many people all around the world. Consequently, facilitating the people even those who don’t plan on purchasing the subscription, DisneyPlus gives an opportunity to enjoy the 7-day trial. To clarify, call it a marketing strategy or what else. However, Disney always knows how to manipulate and gather traffic. As a result, now you can download movies and shows from Disney Plus.

How to download movies and shows from Disney Plus

Subsequently, Disney Plus provides an easy way to download the video to your mobile device for the times when you don’t have internet around. As a result, it’s easy to watch offline videos. However, an important thing to remind you here is that Disney+ downloading video on a desktop web browser is not yet available. You can also download the video on your mobile device.

For example, at any time of the day you no longer want that video and want to delete that to save up some space on your phone. In addition, you can do this by deleting the video. So, in this article, we’ll cover up the tutorial on how you can download movies and shows from Disney Plus.

Download movies and shows from Disney Plus:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Disney+ makes it easy for you to download movies and shows. Follow the below-mentioned steps and play your favorite movie on the go.

  1. Select your Video’s Download Quality:

    We don’t want you to run out of memory on your phone. So here’s is something you need to know before you start downloading your video.
    • Open the Disney+ app on your phone (iOS, Android)
    • Tap on your profile icon on the bottom right corner.
    • Next, Go to App Settings > Download Quality.
    • Here you’ll have the option to set the download quality of your video.
    • You can set it to standard, medium, and high resolution.
    • After setting up the video download quality, follow the next step.

  2. Download your Video:

    Scroll down, to see which video you want to download. When you’ve made the decision go on following the underneath steps.
    •Tap on to the movie.
    •After selecting the movie you’ll have a download button situated right next to the Play button underneath the title’s logo.
    •For the seasons/shows, you can have the download button next to each episode separately.

  3. Locate your downloaded movies and shows:

    The next step is to simply sit back relax and play your favorite movie after downloading it. An easy way to find your downloaded video is to Hit the download icon situated at the bottom right of your Disney app, All of your Disney App content will be visible to you here.

Disney+ has become very convenient as streaming over the internet is in a short period of time. Above all, people now prefer to download videos to watch without the internet. Are you planning to fly on a plane, going to a location where you aren’t going to have internet (remote area) it’s just that your WiFi at home isn’t working and you want to download your favorite movie from a friend’s internet? To sum up, you might want to save something for a later time.

How to delete a movie from Disney+ app?

Find the movie you need to delete. Click on the smartphone icon situated at the right of its title. Choose Remove Download and you are good to go.

How to delete all titles in Disney+ app?

Tap on your profile icon on the bottom right. Click on App Settings > Delete All Downloads and send everything to the bin just by one click.

Is it true that Disney+ Accounts are being hacked and sold?

Some subscribers said they have noticed a change in their Disney+ profiles. For instance, strange names and additional profiles that have been created and added to their account. So it might be possible.


For geo-restricted regions where the Disney+ streaming service isn’t available, try using a VPN service. Likewise, you can change the device location to the USA. Visit Disney+ website to check the availability of this cool streaming service.

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