Facebook launches Tuned app – A Private Space for Couples

Facebook quietly released a new app called Tuned for iOS users only. This one is an unexpected app. I mean this app is specially made for couples. We still don’t know the real motive they had behind this app but nonetheless. It is a great and fun way to share and store intimate moments with your partner.


As mentioned above, this app is specially made for couples only. The idea behind this app is to create a digital connection with your partner. I think these lockdowns are the perfect days to use and get the most out of this app. The whole UI of this app is cute and easy to the eyes. Unfortunately, this app is solely available for iOS users. So, no luck for you mate if you or your partner owns an Android phone.

Once you and your partner get connected in this app. You both can do things like send a note or snapshot. Don’t feel like doing it, send a cute romantic card to express your love. You can even send voice notes and lots of cute lovey-dovey stickers. One good thing about this app is that you can connect your Spotify app with that. That way you can share and express your love with your favorite songs from Spotify.

If that’s not it, you can also set your feelings in form of color to set a mood accordingly. All of your doings will be gathered in a scrapbook that you or your partner can view later. This way it will store all your beautiful memories you had with your partner in this app. This is an interesting app but its only available on iOS. But if you and your partner own an iPhone or iPad. This is a good way to express love privately.

How to get started with Tuned

You and your partner need to install Tuned app for iOS from App Store. Once done, open the app from app drawer.

This app will welcome you and ask for your phone number to send an access code. Write your phone number and proceed forward. Now write the access code and proceed forward.

Now write your first name and preferred pronoun (optional). Once done, it will ask you to add your partner’s number. Do that and proceed further.

Now just ask your partner to do the same. Once done, you can get started with this app.

This is all you need to know to get started with Tuned app. What are your thoughts about this app? Is this personal space is something you wanted all along? Share your thoughts and reviews about this app. Also keep visiting Techchunky for more Tuned app guides.