How to Fix Download Pending Error in Google Play Store

Do you own any old Android device or the latest Android device? No matter which smartphone you are using Bugs can pop-in, in both. However, if your phone has a tendency to be slow at times when you made a new download it tends to get slower after the download. On the other hand, these devices can be a mess at times of Installing an app from the Google Play Store. Sometimes these devices get stuck in Google play store and put your required app to the pending apps list. In this article, we’ll tell you How to Fix Download Pending Error in Google Play Store.

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Usually, people don’t consider these errors. But if you stuck at “Download Pending” in Google play store and this error doesn’t go away after some time, you can Fix Download Pending Error in Google Play Store. There are various tips you can try to fix this Download Pending Error.

Why Download Pending Error Shows up while downloading an App?

That usually happens when you initiate a download on the Google Play Store. Along with the download pending option, you can see this error with an option to cancel the download. There can be many reasons behind this. Let us take you to have a look at all of them one by one below.

Turn Off Auto-updates:

If you are having this Download pending issue with your Apps, you should try this method to get over this error.

Google keeps on updating apps for you in the backend. Sometimes it’s important to have your important apps on auto-update but not all of them. With the auto-update you can have the latest bug fixes and features but what if you install this auto update option. There are apps that can pause and can be updated manually.  To to do this follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Click on the Three bar icon.
  3. Tap on Settings.
  4. now tap on Auto-update apps.
  5. Click on Don’t Auto-update apps
  6. ad after this, the apps will only be updated unless you do so manually.

Free Up Some Space/Storage in your Phone:

To fix Download Pending Error in Google Play Store you need to free up some space in your phone. The need to do is because you always need storage for a new app to get fit in. For an App to be updated, your phone needs to have some space to receive and initiate new data. To give your phone some extra space/storage you can install these Files by Google to make this work easier for you. This app can help you erase your junk Files, even WhatsApp GIFs that are only taking up space on your phone and are of no use.

Enable the Background Data Usage:

In the latest Smartphones, there is a chance of this feature that lets Google Play Store app on your phone restrict data access in the background. This feature isn’t currently set to have unrestricted data access in the background. This feature doesn’t necessarily cross over your downloads and your downloads won’t be occurring in the background, however, in some cases it can cause unexpected holdups for your Apps in Google Play Store.

  1. So to Fix this Error:
  2. Go to your phone’s Settings.
  3. Click on Data usage.
  4. Now Click on Data Saver.
  5. From here Tap on Unrestricted data.
  6. Next, scroll down until you find Google Play Store, and tap the slider button next to it so that it’s blue and switched on. That’ll be enough for you to get background up and running again properly. You’ll get rid of that frustrating “Download Pending” Error message.

If this method doesn’t work for you, then don’t worry. There are more solutions to fix this Error.

Free up Space in Updates List in Google Play Store:

Google Play Store has got enough work to do in the Background of your mobile. They manage your Apps and keeps on updating automatically without you even knowing. The Google Play Store downloads and installs the latest version of your already installed apps in your device automatically. However, it might be possible that the particular app you were trying to download is already in the queue. Hence, you encounter to this Download Pending Error. To fix this:

  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Tap on the menu icon 3 bar icon.
  3. Next, Tap on My apps and games.
  4. To cancel downloading an app:
  5. Tap on the ‘x’ button.
  6. You can also Tap on to the Stop button to cancel all downloads at once.
  7. After this, you can easily download your particular app.
  8. And after this, you can Update other remaining Apps.

Clear App Data:

Google Play Store might be misbehaving due to some junk files and old data or App cache memory. To Clear your App data:

  1. Go to your phone’s Settings.
  2. Open Apps.
  3. Scroll down until you reach and find Google Play store.

Disclaimer:  On this step, we would recommend you to first Force stop any app and then tap on Clear data to Clear all data (this will delete data like Email, Passwords and cache).

After the above mentioned steps, you’ll be asked to log in to your Google account again when you open the Google Play Store. Go ahead and fill in the following credentials.

Now again, Repeat the same process, but this time for Google Play Services and Clear its app Cache. You will find it under Apps only.


If the above mention methods doesn’t go well you can always go deeper in preference setting to Reset App prefrences and Get back your App in installation mode again.

  1. To do this follow along.
  2. Go to phone’s Settings.
  3. Tap on Apps.
  4. Click on System Apps.
  5. Click on three dot icon on Reset app preference.
  6. You will get a popup option telling what is going to happen next.
  7. Tap on Reset apps to make the change and fix Download Pending Error.

You can turn off the auto updates for the apps in the Google Play Store. you can also 
Find and Recover Your Purchased Apps in android. You’ll retrieve your Purchased Apps from your synced Gmail account. AlsoRestore your contacts from your old or broken android device. You can also use a computer to change it by writing commands in command prompt but since it is very difficult, Google Play Store has provided built-in options to do this simple chore with which you can Permanently Stop Updates to Specific Android Apps.

Wrap up:

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