10 Best Spotify Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Spotify is the popular digital music streaming service. If you’re like me, then you have been one of the Premium subscribers for many years. However, Spotify is constantly updating, adding new features, and changing interface, so you probably don’t know a lot. However, if you’re a music lover looking to further improve your listening experience, then you’ve come to the right place. You can get our best Spotify Tips and tricks from here.

We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks that one should know. Let’s check them out:

  1. Save Music to listen offline

    Spotify Premium users can save songs for offline listening. This not only saves you data, but it also means you can listen to music in places where you don’t have a cellular connection. Save your playlist, tap on the three dots and then choose “download” on Android, or select a playlist and then tap “download” at the top on iOS.

  2. Restore the Deleted Playlist

    Have you accidentally hit ‘delete’ on one of your playlists and got a popup asking if you really want to do this? And you did? then no worries, Spotify supports you and allows you to recover deleted playlists. Log into your account on the Spotify website and tap “Recover Playlists’ on the left where you will find the deleted playlist. Tap ‘Recover’ to get them back.

  3. Create a Collaborative Playlist

    If you’re making a playlist for a friend’s wedding or party. Make a collaborative playlist. Right-click on the name of the playlist and it’ll give you the option to create a collaborative playlist. Then give your friends access, you can add or remove the tracks to this playlist. If you notice that your friends are unhappy with your choice of music, turn this option off at any time.

  4. Listen Together Via Group Session

    The group session is Spotify’s newest feature. Rather than contributing to a playlist, like collaborative playlists, a group session is the temporary listening session in which anyone can control music from their smartphone.
    On the playback screen, tap the Connect icon on the lower-left corner. Scroll down and click Start Group Session, which will generate a URL that you can share with your friends or family. Or ask them to scan the Spotify code to join. People can pause, skip, play and select tracks in the queue to add their music.

  5. Stream using Web Interface

    If you’re using a computer you can access your Spotify account using a browser. Head over to open.spotify.com and log in to your account. You will find your entire Spotify library with all the playlists you have selected.

  6. Get the best Sound Quality

    Go to the settings menu(under your account name, top right, and although by default it’s set to automatic, you can change the music quality: Select Low (24kbps), Medium (96kbps), high (160kbps), or very High (320kbps). Using the very High route may consume more data allowed for streaming.

  7. Search inside Playlist

    While the search function will help you browse Spotify’s library, you can easily browse any playlist using the filter function. Just press Command + F on Mac or Control + F on PC and a search box will open above the current playlist. Start typing the name of a track you are looking for and filters will find it in your current playlist. On iOS, scroll down a bit from the top of the screen in the playlist, and a search bar will appear. On Android, tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner and Select Find in Playlist.

  8. Import Local Files that isn’t on Spotify

    If your music library has something that Spotify doesn’t have then you can add local files to Spotify. Go to Spotify Settings in the desktop app, scroll down and click Add Source, then select the folder containing the music files you want to import. Then you can view them in your Spotify library; on the left sidebar, they will be in Local Files section.

  9. Connect with Google Maps

    If you have Google Maps navigation open while driving then you can add music without leaving the app. Sync Spotify by opening Maps and then go to Settings>Navigation, then Music Play Controls on iOS or show Media Play Controls on Android. A Spotify popup will appear once your accounts are linked while driving for a quick tap to start the music.

  10. Listen while you Play

    Video games have great music, but sometimes you want to add your music. Link your account to Playstation, Xbox, or PC through the Epic Games Store to browse then listen to Spotify while playing, and control playback on your phone.

These are the top Spotify tips and tricks that you could use and step up your game on Spotify. Do you find it useful? If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.