About Us

Technology can be a little frustrating sometimes, and games can be a little confusing too, well, we at Techchunky are here to fix that! You’ll find guides and articles in easy chunks that you can quickly digest. We provide simple solutions to your complex problems. Windows, Android, iOS, and games! You will find relevant articles regarding all these categories. Got any questions? You can let us know what you think or ask any sorts of questions in our comment box as well, we love talking to our readers! Our goal is making sure the readers are as taken care of as possible, so kick back, relax and enjoy!

The vision

We are a tight-knit group of like-minded tech and gaming enthusiasts who still remember the woes and difficulty involved in getting caught up on what’s going on. Well, we’re here to make that simple for you! Our team writes simple, to-the-point articles with the sole purpose of helping you out in understanding what you want as fast as possible. We do our intensive research and also personally user-test both tech and games so you get the best information possible!

Who are we?

To reach us out for your queries regarding smartphones and other devices, you can use our Contact Us page